Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LEAKED Den Pictures!

Hey Jammers! ^.^

While browsing YouTube, a video by Spirits Jamaa caught my eye.

Do you remember the mysterious picture AJHQ pasted in the very last page of the latest Jamaa Journal volume?

Well, this video unveils what the picture was of: a new den!

I think this is some kind of swanky summer beach house. :3 It will probably be sold in the Diamond Shop, like everything is these days, but it sure does look epic.

What do you think of the new den?

To end this post, here is an AMAZING AJMV by Nemachu AJ:

I don't really play FNAF, but this is such a catchy song. I can't help but listen to it. o3o


  1. You can say The a word and S word on aj! And mesha I was trying to tell you that my messages weren't working but I said it at he begining of the video so you probably got it what's your YouTube mesha?

  2. Finally, not another needlessly over-sized den! And Five Nights At Felix's is not too bad in my opinion, but.... I REALLY hate that song and the fandom in general.

    -Victory what a surprise

    1. Felix's..? I think you meant Freddy's XD

    2. That's the point


    3. What's the point? Sorry I don't understand...

  3. fnaf looks so boring omg
    i watched a few vids of youtubers playing it
    i dont see how its so scary

  4. Skorm did it again! He SOLD items for REAL MONEY and got away with it!


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