Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

And a happy birthday to meeeeee! XD


  1. For breakfast, we ate some bunny-shaped pancakes. o3o Then I found like, $13 worth of coins in all of the plastic eggs the bunny left behind. XD

  2. Happy Easter, hope you got lots of candy! For brunch I went to an Italian place that had a buffet for Easter. It was delicious. I had mainly chocolate items (chocolate chip waffles, chocolate cake).-cyacheer

  3. Happy birthday!! and Happy Easter!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Naffy! :D I hope your day is filled with fun, joy, happiness and laughter!
    And have a hoppy Easter as well! :P And those bunny-shaped pancakes you mentioned sound delicious! ^.^

  5. Happy Birthday Naffy Taffy!
    I got $0.00 in eggs. And no candy. Yipee.
    Hoppy Easter! XD

  6. Happy birthday and Easter. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :D

  7. Happy birthday and hoppy Easter!

  8. //whoop whoop im back
    I got no money but i got 50+ chocolate eggs haha
    I ate most of them already /)////(\


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