Thursday, April 23, 2015

Raccoon and Tiger Graphic + Pastel Pink Spiked Collar?

Hi guys! I have some SUPER IMPORTANT info to share today, so listen up. ;)

First of all, I put my magic hands to work and made this graphic for your using pleasure. ^.^

Now, for the SUPER IMPORTANT news. . .

This spiked necklace (or spiked collar) is pastel pink! :0 Can you spot the difference between its comparison?

All right, so maybe it's a bit difficult to spot the difference, but somehow my eyes are quick to notice it. The first spiked collar is a slightly darker color (more of a greyish-pink) than the second spiked collar.

This spiked collar belongs to ploopyfeet. Unfortunately, during his surprise encounter with a hammerhead shark, it was smashed to pieces, so we won't be able to gather anymore information about this unusual item.

LOL. . .

. . . did I get chu? :P

This was just a little joke that I assembled with some help from our good friend x3

Have a gr-r-reat day!


  1. OMG!! You had me until you said it belonged to ploopyfeet. :P

  2. Ah cool! Er I have /want to enter the contest and I probably won't get a chance:/

  3. You totally had me! At least up to Ploopyfeet's name. I thought Does Naffy have a new account for Ploopyfeet?

  4. Cool graphics and i fell for it XD

  5. I was going to try to explain that someone just edited my picture of the "spiked necklace" as it has the same exact cuts as my picture and they aren't even called Spiked Necklace anymore but it looks like this is a joke

  6. I actually thought this post was gonna be about informing us that spiked collars used to be called spiked necklaces. (What happens when Cutepups multi-tasks. XD)

    Poor Ploopyfeet. :(

  7. I love the new blog look c:
    Very calming and pretty ^w^

    *starts screaming and throwing chairs around to ruin the silence lul*

  8. XD LOL! I thought it was actually real! Oh! And I like the new blog template. Very pretty. :3

    Errrrr, I forgot to enter the contest. I'm gonna enter now. :L

  9. i fell for it LOL also i like ur den on animal jam

  10. Will PloopyFeet ever return to the AJW? Will he fool us with pastel spike collars again?

    `Camp2014 using anon

  11. It was a joke? Woah!!! Also is loopy feet a real account?

    1. @Everyone:

      Thanks so much! ^w^


      It's possible. :p


      Yes, I made him his own account. :3


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