Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tryout Order

Okay, so here's how this thing is going to work.

When you arrive at my den, you will all squish on these black couches (or the floor; whatever is most comfortable for you).

Then, one by one, I will call your name to signal your turn. Here is the order I will be calling people by:
1. Mesha336
2. awesomepanda868
3. Junie4563
4. Meloetta385
5. fuzzheadlola
6. tig47498
7. elizaboo1104

When it is your turn, you will advance to the back room where we will discuss the tryout questions. All you need to do is answer them as best you can! :)

If you aren't trying out, feel free to come look around, but please be careful not to disturb whoever is trying out.

Thanks, and have a great day! I know I won't. I have to get my throat swabbed by the doctor to see if I really have strep throat. Yikes. >.<


  1. Tryouts are at 2:00, right? Sorry, I forget things really easily. XD

  2. I missed it DX
    I studied so hard too..

    1. Dude.

      It starta at 2:00 pm MY time. That's in like, 3 hours. :/

    2. I'm sorry if I sounded mean. I just absolutely hate it when people don't know stuff. XD

    3. I just got the time zones confused.
      I though that MT was an hour ahead of us instead of an hour behind us.

  3. Sorry but i have a battle of the books tournament so i can't do the tryouts, sorry DX

  4. I hope you dont have strep throat!

  5. Nafi, I signed up for the History Bee, but my comment didn't show up. So can I still try out today?-cyacheer


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