Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Chocolate Bunny

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Here's an oddly shaped snip of the legendary chocolate bunny we won on Wednesday!


  1. Aww, for some reason the picture won't show up on my computer... D: But I bet it'll be delicious! ^.^ I am obsessed with chocolate bunnies, and probably eat WAY too many of them around Easter time. XD

    1. Same here, I am obsessed with chocolate bunnies. I only eat half of them though XD. I can't see the picture :( I wonder why

    2. Didn't work for me either :( Probably cause I got the worst laptop in history

  2. It won't show up on my laptop either. I'll try it on a different computer if I feel like it. Does the pic show up on anyone's comp >.<?

    1. It doesn't show up on my computer, either.


  3. Happy Easter!! :)


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