Sunday, August 20, 2017

Testing Out AJ WikiHow Tutorials (PART 1)

Hi Jammers! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip blog.

Today, I am going to be testing out some weird AJ WikiHow tutorials. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.

There will be several parts to this post (I suppose it's kind of a mini series). In this particular post, I will be testing out the tutorial called ''How to Be a Fairy on Animal Jam''.

The first step is to choose a cute animal. The article recommended to use a fox, eagle, or toucan if you're a member, so I decided to go with a fox.

Next I needed to get me some fairy wings. In this case, I chose some icy blue faerie wings.

After that, I had to accessorize my fairy with a cute hat and necklace. The article said the lollipop necklace is the best for fairies, but since I didn't have one of those (and they weren't available at the Summer Carnival... grr), I chose a black, short, rare spiked collar, because aren't those just the CUTEST!??!!?111!?11!!11?!!1?

And what's even more adorable is the gingerbread mask. Aren't I just the most lovable thing you've ever seen in your entire LIFE!!!!11!!1??!!1??111??1!!!??

Next, I had to choose my colors. The article said that if you want to be a fire fairy, you should choose red, orange, and yellow shades, and if you want to be a water fairy, you should choose blue shades. I decided on using red, yellow, and blue, because who says I can't be both!?

Just look at that gorgeous thing.

The next step to being a fairy on Animal Jam is to have a sweet, fairy-appropraite personality.


Next, I had to go out into Jamaa Township and dance, because that's just what AJ fairies do, I guess.

And that's it! This tutorial is TOTALLY worth your time. ;)

See? Even this little piggy thinks so, too...

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Comment down below if you're anticipating part two and three!

Bye Jammers!


  1. Love it!! More, more!

    EEEK!! You're SO close to 1 million views! Congrats! <3


  2. Jamaa township is not dark. Does that mean you did this long ago but posted now? Just wondering

  3. XD You look a lot like a fairy there. I mean are fairies always part gingerbread? XD

  4. It's a gingerbread-witch-rainbow fairy. :) ~Akmlynx


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