Saturday, August 19, 2017

Animal Jam Box Summer 2017 Unboxing/Review

Hey Jammers! It is now time for the long-awaited Summer 2017 AJ Box unboxing/review post that I have been promising you all for a while. I recently received my box in the mail earlier this week, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Without further ado, let's start!

This is what the box looks like on the outside. You can see that mine was slightly damaged during the mailing process, but it's okay because none of the items inside were hurt. :)

Here is a side shot of the outside of the box.

This is what we see when we open the box. I can't even begin to contain my excitement!

The first item is this cool shark charm. If you've been subscribed to the AJ Box ever since the Winter 2017 one, then you'll know that each box comes with a charm that you can clip to a chain bracelet that was given in the Winter Box.

This next item is probably my favorite; it's a super cute octopus plushie! It's really soft, too.

The third item is a ''Jammer Canteen''. In case you don't know, a canteen is a small water bottle that is often used by soldiers or campers.

Next is a deck of Animal Jam playing cards! I'll definitely be using these to play games like War with my siblings.

Here is a picture of the deck spread out.

Following the deck of cards is this rad Surf's Up! t-shirt. Although the size of the shirt is a medium (and I wear size medium shirts), it's huge on me.

Next is this awesome drawstring bag. I think I'll give this to my sister, because she likes to take practically her entire closet with her in the car every time we go somewhere.

Lastly is this neat beach towel, with two adorable sea turtles on it. The towel was tightly compressed so that it could fit inside the box, so it's really wrinkly. That's alright, though, because we can always just wash and iron it.

And we can't forget the wonderful promo gift that comes with the box. This time around, it's a shark tail!

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favorite part about the Summer 2017 AJ Box was!

Thanks for reading, and happy jamming!


  1. :O

    They did a really good job with the items and the box (Yes, I like that box, Gimme!!! :P )

    My favorite's the beach towel, although I didn't get a subscription for the box, which is okay :)

    For once in a long time I have done a positive comment on this blog! Sorry for all the recent negativity from me.........


  2. I recently saw this box on Talloose's blog and do you mind measuring how big that towel is? I'd love to know!

  3. Really cool! AJHQ gave me a lot jam-a-grams about this lol!

  4. Put a shark fin, shark hat, and shark tail on a seal- you get a shark!

  5. Aha! I KNEW the shark tail was from the box!

  6. A Five Nights at Liza's phone case. What...just...what.. Although I could see somebody who likes FNAF and AJ enjoying this.

    1. Oh my gosh. I just... I can't even begin to comprehend how our generation is this twisted...


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