Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oodles of New AJ Toys

Hello Jammers! How are you all doing today?

Not too long ago my friend Talloose posted about a bunch of new AJ toys that she discovered on her blog, the Animal Jam Budgie, so I thought I would make a post about them too, as well as some other AJ toys that were not mentioned her post. :)

Let's start off with an epic new toy set: the Animal Jam Jammers Juice Party!

Animal Jam Jammers Juice Party Exclusive Playset

It comes with ten pet figurines and lots of cool accessories, as well as a mini juice hut and a promo code. Speaking of promo code, these are the items that the code awards you:

It also gives you a pet phantom. And speaking of pet phantom, did you notice that adorable phantom figurine!? Ahhh! I want it so badly!

Talloose said that on the back of the box it shows some more AJ toys, including a Doughnut Hut, Cupcake Hut, and Light Up Fancy Pets. Ooooh!

Next up is a cute dolphin plushie!

This plushie was predicted to come in spring 2017, but that obviously didn't happen until now. Nevertheless, it's super awesome and I really want one! I'm still waiting for the other three plushies that were announced near the beginning of the year: the seal, fox, and turtle.

Next is an addition to the Light Up Friends group of AJ toys: a rhino figurine!

And finally, we can't forget about the all-new Adopt-a-Pet Series 3 Cupcake Houses that were announced in last week's update. ^.^

You'll also be able to find some Series 3 Packs pretty soon, just like Series 2.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Bye Jammers!


  1. :O ........................ That's all I can say..................


  2. Wow! This was so helpful! Thank you for making this post!

  3. Wow cool I want one!

  4. Animal Jam just wants to make us spend money... DX

  5. You should do a post on awesome NM outfits. Check my penguin and my pig at Rosydaisy30603 for ideas. And my bunny and wolf over at Gsreee. If they don't glitch, that is.

  6. i want them all give me that phantom

  7. I have the light up rhino already,and the juice hut.

    1. what did you get from the rhino?


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