Friday, August 18, 2017

Unreleased/Secret Items in Peck's Den

Hello there, Jammers!

Today I am going to be showing you guys some cool, possibly unreleased items in AJHQ's custom-designed Peck's Den. If you're unfamiliar with these kinds of posts, basically about every update AJHQ designs a den for all Jammers to visit. You can access these dens from the Epic Dens menu. It's a big blue button; you can't miss it!

In these dens, sometimes you might find a few items that aren't released yet. These are what we call unreleased items. Often times there will also be one special item that, when clicked, will open up a secret shop where you can actually purchase that item for your own. Cool, right?

Without further ado, let's begin taking a look at the cool items we can find.

Aww! A cute Greely plushie! I don't understand why these haven't been released yet.

I've never seen this before. It must be some kind of a pet treasure chest.

The secret item that you can purchase for only 700 gems is an antique window!

This item is pretty neat. It appears to be a strand of... lemur lights!? 

And lastly, a Sir Gilbert plushie!

That's the whip!


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