Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Attention! The 1,000,000 views party has now been moved from 9/2/17 @ 12:00 PM MST to 9/1/17 @ 6:00 PM MST. Sorry about this sudden change, but I hope y'all can manage! If things don't end up working out, I can reschedule again!


  1. Might be able to make it, hopefully I can! I would hate to miss it!

  2. That's even better! 'cause I'm going karting on 9/2 I and thought I'd have to hurry.. But now, everything is awesome.

  3. I think and jam is slowly dying,whenever animal jam add's a new update they add new items but it seems like they never add good content anymore. Honestly,all of the updates seem pointless to me now,all we get are some new dens,pets items or animals. It seems like we almost NEVER get a new land,cool feature or adventure. I have been slowly getting away from animal jam becuse honestly the updates are getting kind of boring. I find my self on youtube and blogs a LOT more than I am on animal jam now. I am going to compare animal jam to a game that I used to play called bearville. Bearville NEVER updated but it was still very fun and it never lost the creative factor. Animal Jam updates a lot but it usallly the same concept most of the time. Animal jam is getting more boring but even though beaville never updates it did not ever loose and of the exciting factor. Lets take this into consederation that adobe flash(what animal jam in the browser runs on) will be dead by 2020-2022. That is why ajhq made the desktop version on animal jam so that we will not have to rely on flash anymore. Many people that I know are leaving becuase animal jam is getting more boring. the main thing that kepps me playing animal jam is all of the people I have met. I most likely would have quite by now If I did not discover all of the animal jam blogs,and meet so many amazing people. And there is WAY TO MUCH DRAMA! I am so tired of all of the drama. Animal jam just like all games can not last forever and have to end at some point. I think that all of the drama,lack of creative updates,and adobe flash dying will cause animal jam to end somewhere during 2019-2023. Lets hope things change.

    (Sorry than I went on a rant like that but these are all only my opinions on the animal jam community.) By the way if the time for the party stays the same I can come if you would like, I don't do much in animal jam anyway's anymore.

    1. Apparently, this seems to be happening with other games that have been around a while as well, boring updates, huge drama and more. Why? Because players are growing up. They expect more than what the company can handle. And when they say no, people start drama, and it's super frustrating.

      This is also happening with Star Stable as well, the company has recently started to ban random people.......

      This is crazy!!! I've taken a small break from both AJ and SSO, and I prefer to browse the internet, maybe because I'm growing up.

      Anyway, sorry, that was a tad off topic, but stay strong Naffy, this is my favorite blog. <3


    2. A truly harrowing tale, totally feel you on it. It's so sad though, because I love AJ, it's been a fun and happy escape when life hasn't otherwise been so kind. I hope little shreds of goofing and friendliness in game can inspire other Jammers to play and just, I don't know, hang out, talk and have fun. :P Anyways! sorry for my pointless babble! I hope to see some of you guys at the party!

  4. move it back to the 2nd so it can double as my BIRTHDAY party, or theres gonna be a riot >:(


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