Monday, October 24, 2016

AJ WikiHow Threads

Hey Jammers!

Have you ever looked up a thread on WikiHow before? How about an Animal Jam WikiHow thread?

I must say, there are some pretty interesting how-to's on WikiHow related to AJ. Here are just a few of them:

What other weird AJ threads have you found lying about in the vast world of the internet?

That's all I have for you today. Goodbye! ^.^


  1. My favourite is "how to avoid being a snob on animal jam"
    It states that being white, purple or pink makes you a snob and to not buy items, wear too many items of the same colour or wear rares.



  3. Some of these are just.. strange. XD There are lots and lots and lots ;)

  4. Once I was bored on Animal Jam so I went on WikiHow to see what to do and there was:
    " How to be a cute girl on Animal jam XD"

  5. I saw one called "how to be a popular girl on animal jam" first it tells you to pretend to be mira's daughter but then tells you to be an arctic wolf when mira is a grey heron then it says your other friends have to be arctic wolves and you can only have up to three then it says you have to have a boyfriend (and it has to be a fox wolf or arctic wolf) and then it tells you to brag when earlier it also said not to brag :\. Someone also actually made one on how to get into jamma township :I welp at least ppl are "creative"


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