Thursday, October 20, 2016

Breakfast Smiley Face Den Tip

Hey Jammers! :)

Have you ever heard of the secret ''shop'' dens before? It's basically a huge chain of these dens full of one specific item, group of items, or theme, with small portals leading from one den to the next.

One of my personal favorites is called breakfastshop. This den includes items that sort of look like breakfast foods, like eggs and bacon. :P

I saw this funny breakfast smiley face that this person created, and I thought I would show you guys and make a den tip out of it. :D

Breakfast Smiley Face
This funny den decoration will surely put a smile on your face!

What You Need:

2 White Buttercup Rugs
Orange Mats

Arrange the mats into a crescent shape for the mouth, and place the two rugs a reasonable distance away from the mats to create a face!

Do you like this den tip? And, if you've ever been through the den chain, which den is your favorite?



  1. I'd so make that

    If I had enough inventory for all dem pillows XDD


  2. and i already had my breakfast.

  3. Yeah that is SO FUNNY! A friend showing it to me and alot of our other friends two days ago i love those kinda dens their funny XD
    *King Tough BUnny

  4. I went to the den chain, took pictures of EVERY ONE, and then posted it on my blog. :)

  5. Awesome. Now I want bacon when its 2:11 in the afternoon! :D


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