Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hi guys! Today is the last day of the voting session for the fall fashion show. It's been lots of fun seeing what outfits you guys came up with, and which ones most appealed to the crowd. ^.^ There will definitely be more fashion shows like this in the future!

Sadly, Infinity Canyonclaw will be leaving the competition, but don't worry! Infinity will receive two awesome third place prizes. The items will be sent shortly to you. :)

As for the remaining two contestants, good luck! Whoever gets eliminated today will receive the second place prizes.


  1. Awh, sadly I got eliminated. I vote out Explorer Speedyclaws.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, Icymoon for me, too. AJKraft, you're the fox? If so, WOW! :D

  3. Well I vote out Incredible Icymoon since I can't vote out myself of course XD

    I cant actually believe I got into the top two o.o

    Good luck, Incredible! I didn't really have a choice but to vote you out, sorry...


  4. Super duper sorry, Explorer SpeedyClaws

  5. Explorer Speedyclaws, though it was close.



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