Thursday, October 6, 2016


Today is the fifth day of the voting session! After this round we'll begin handing out prizes. Just vote out one person for this round, please. Good luck!


  1. You literally posted this 7 minutes ago

  2. I vote out Infinity Canyonclaw.
    ~awesomecutesmiles who is on her mom's phone

  3. I vote out Expert Rockystar
    (btw Naffy,can you please talk to the ppl AJ SWS?? It wasn't me who was being a jerk to them and they banned me from it! D: Please! Tell them I will keep Sparkledaringninja off! Please do it for me.)

  4. I vote out Infinity Canyonclaw. Sorry! D: BTW, good job to those who are already out. I love your outfits!!
    ~Sundae Fudge, aka The Unnamed Arctic Wolf

  5. I vote out Expert Rockystar, sorry xd

  6. I vote out Incredible Icymoon. And dang. I'm out. >.< DX


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