Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Today is the fourth day of the voting session for the fall fashion show. We are sad to see the unnamed arctic wolf and Mythical Windymoon go, but she did very well! Good job guys!

In this round, you will be eliminating two people again! Good luck!


  1. I vote out Incredible Icymoon and Infinity CanyonClaw.

  2. I vote the two spirits out. Same as last time.

  3. Penguin and the fox with the wig.

  4. Incredible Icymoon, and Expert Rockyclaws.


  5. So so sorry Twinkle Shyspirit nd Mythical Happyspirit!

  6. GAHH CURSE DOUBLE ELIMINATIONS! I GOT ELIMINATED NOOO! Well anyways I got to the second round! YAY! (AKA total sarcasm) ANYWAYS... I vote out Mythical Happyspirit and Twinkle Shyspirit. Was I the only Non-member that entered?? I think I was. I'm sorry, but LIONS ROAR, EAGLES SOAR, NON-MEMBERS DESERVE MORE!! Yes I'm happy we aren't Club Penguin, but can't they have like more fall items for Non-members...? Please AJHQ pleaseeeee!!
    ~Awesomecutesmiles who is very upset but still too lazy to sign in on her account

  7. I was the unnamed arctic wolf. But, at least I lasted through the two rounds! I'm sorry, but I vote out Expert Rockyclaws and Incredible Icymoon. Sorry!
    Sundae Fudge

  8. I vote out Expert Rockystar and Mythical Happyspirit, sorry!

  9. I vote out incredible icymoon and infinitely canyon claw. Sorry :(


  10. Sorry, but I'm gonna vote out: Expert Rockystar and Incredible Icymoon.

  11. Mythical HappySpirit and Infinity CanyonClaw

  12. Explorer Speedyclaws and Twinkle Shyspirit. Sorry if those are you!


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