Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Night of the Phantoms

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Happy Night of the Phantoms, Jammers! What are some of the festivities and traditions that take place in your household? Are you dressing up in a costume? Going trick-or-treating? Going to a Halloween party or scaring/pranking people? Carving pumpkins?

Every year we usually have a nice dinner with homemade macaroni and cheese and potato soup. Then we go out and trick-or-treat, and come back to our house to play tricks on people. :)


  1. I don't really celebrate Halloween, but i hang this fake spider on my door handle and dress up a couple of my webkinz in some costumes I made when I was 8 XD

    And of course, after Halloween all the candy is on offer XD



  3. I sit in my bed and watch anime. <---- My entire life in one sentence.
    I really don't celebrate Halloween. It's not a trend in my country anymore so what's the point? My school used to have these super big Halloween festivals way back. I remember being Batman in Grade 1. :P


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