Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Consequences #1: Arctic Hoods

I step into Jamaa Township, hoping for a fresh, relaxing, nice evening to finish off the day.

But no.

Once upon a time, there just had to be the public, along with a ferociously big lion with a blue arctic hood muffled on top of his head.

Normally, whenever I see lions with blue arctic hoods, everything is quiet and peaceful, but this time was much different.

People actually started to FIGHT over the arctic hood which the lion was wearing. Then that quarrel turned into another quarrel, and the pattern continued.

Some of those other topics were grandpas, school, rarity, and grammar. Here's some pictures I took of the lion, a bunny, and another wolf bickering:

So, if you ever come across the thought of dressing your lion with a ruffly arctic hood, beware of what could happen! The consequences are dire!


  1. I like how the person who's ranting about grammar isn't even using grammar..
    They capitalized every word of their sentence. o-o

  2. Lol, poor lion XD


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