Friday, May 8, 2015

New Currency?

Hello! ^.^ All of the pictures and information in this post belong to my friend VICTORYSCREECHxD, just in case you're planning to use... eh, whatever.

This glitch occurred to a Jammer one day. As you can see, there are a lot of things messed up here. It's like a bag of glitches exploded, and all of the little glitches trapped inside dispersed into the air. :P

But there's something much more peculiar about this glitch than others. Look at the icons below the gem icon. There is a Summer Carnival ticket icon, a diamond icon, and. . . 

. . . what the!?

What do you think that swirly plasma ball is? A phantom? An atom?

What do you think it resembles? Could it be a new currency for Jamaa in the future?

The world may never know!


  1. Maybe enchanted earth or like something to connect with play wild?

  2. The picture doesn't show up for me :( but from what you described sounds cool!

    1. Doesn't work for me either. Any chance you try reposting it in a different format?

    2. I couldn't see it at first on my iPod or my computer, but now I can see it on the computer. Haven't tired it on the iPod again.

  3. At home I have 2 Linux computers. When I play AJ on either of those computers, I see that currency thing and I can't buy anything because then it glitches and i have to relogin.That glitch has existed for over a year. So annoying .-.

  4. it looks like something from epic wonders
    maybe its a currency for epic wonder items????


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