Wednesday, May 13, 2015

AJ Update: Bowling Game and Mechanical Future Den Set

Hey Jammers! Today, an update arrived EARLY! :o Let's see what's in store for us.

Cheetahs have finally returned! ^.^

Ooh, a new bowling minigame!? Awesome! :D

The Mechanical Future den set won the vote! Congratulations for those who voted for this fantastic den item theme. Pick up your awesomely futuristic items today in Jam Mart Furniture!

Otters will be leaving soon, so be sure to purchase one within the next two weeks before they're gone!

There is a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum, as well as a reminder for this year's Summer Carnival! Are you excited?

The final page is simply another advertisement for the adorable spring bunny. Get yours while you still can!

That's about it! Bye Jammers!


  1. Awesome update! and i totally forgot what den items i voted for O3O XD

  2. It was a 6/10 update the way I rated it look at DE scroll a few posts down until it says play wild beta test ended


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