Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Party Date

Hey Jammers. It turns out Wednesday was not a very good day for me to host a party, so I've changed the date to this Friday, same place and time. Sorry, I'm just too busy these days! This whole month of June I am going to be mostly absent. The first week of June I have a tennis clinic with the high school tennis coach, and the second week is packed with a special writing camp for smart kids (haha :P). The third week is another tennis clinic, and the fourth week is Girl's Camp. See? BUSY AS A BEE! "Bzzzz". x3


  1. Its okay :) hope you had fun at the amusment park!

  2. Aww I won't be able to make it :( If I did i would be 30 minutes or an hour late... Sorry naffy :(

  3. How did u make the circle thing for the blog on the right side that's purple and says animal jam whip?


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