Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Land History #1: Crystal Sands

Did you know that the warm and sunny beaches of Crystal Sands weren't always as warm and sunny as they are now?

Back during Beta Testing, Crystal Sands looked like this:

Now, Crystal Sands looks like this:

As you can see, a lot of stuff has been added and changed over the course of the years. The rocks were replaced with water slides, and Tierney's Aquarium nor the Pet Wash never existed until modern AJ. However, the juice hut has been here all this time.

Which version do you prefer?


  1. Didn't they change it a little bit after beta testing though? Anyway, I always loved the original Crystal Sands. Who surrounds beaches with water slides anyway :P?

  2. I liked the old one better cause it looks more like a beach, now it looks like more of a water park

  3. I like the old one better it looks more jamasian and nature like plus it bigger the new crystal sands is good but it's like a water park and not much beach it's also smaller.

  4. Hi Naf!
    long time no me commenting!
    will be less active here now
    ~Misty :3 <3

  5. Old one. I'm the only one out of most of my non-blogging buddies that played before 2014

  6. Well I prefer the old one because it has more room and we don't need the stuff we have now. -nyny56 please add me!


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