Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animal Jam Features

Hello! ^.^ Thanks to some of your amazing posting ideas, I've finally come up with an idea for a post.

This post will be mentioning some of the features found in other games I play that I think should be added to Animal Jam.

Let's begin with the Daily Activities List.

In Webkinz, an online pet-adopting game, there is a Daily Activities List. This is a list of various activities that go on in Webkinz World. The activities switch every hour, so be sure to get them done before time runs out!

I think Animal Jam definitely needs a feature like this. Some of the activities could give you free gems, diamonds, and items. Others could be certain minigames with exclusive prizes. What do you guys think? :)

The second feature is the Wheel of WOW.

The Wheel of WOW is very similar to those Spin-'n-Win and Wheel of Fortune arcade games. You press the spin button, and you have a chance of either winning money or loot. I think Animal Jam needs a Wheel of WOW (and it doesn't necessarily have to be called the Wheel of WOW, either!). Do you agree?

The last feature is the Gem Hunt.

Basically, every day you get a single turn to dig for gems in one of the five mines. Wouldn't it be fun if there was a game/party where you could mine for gems? That would be an exciting way to earn a few extra gems (yes, the currency kind). :3

Of course, there are plenty more additions Animal Jam needs, but these three are just a few. ^-^ Bye bye!


  1. We basically do have wheel of wow called the daily spin

    1. Oh yeah... now I feel dumb. XD

      I still think they should upgrade the Daily Spin, though, with more prizes and such.

  2. That's the best idea ever!! :D

  3. More daily events in AJ is a really good idea! It gives people more of a reason to log in every day and there's no downside

  4. Naf, can you give me some blogs that you read and post everyday or every 2 or 3 days? I barely have any blogs to read anymore... Most of the authors of them have quit and they stopped posting so now I need new blogs to read.

    1. Well, for one, there's mine. There's also the Animal Jam River, Animal Jam Spirit, Animal Jam Flash, Animal Jam Community, Animal Jam Leaf, and so much more!


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