Monday, May 11, 2015

Jamaa in our Eyes

This music video tells the story of Jamaa and its beauty. But do we really sing and dance around a campfire?

Although the Land of Jamaa - Jamaasian Anthem is a wonderful song, it describes how we'd like to see Jamaa.

As sad as it is, we don't sing and dance around campfires anymore.

We trade and scam around campfires.

Okay, maybe not around campfires. XD But you get the picture, right?

Well, perhaps not everyone sees Jamaa the way many of us do.

Here is my question I leave with you:

How do you vision a perfect Jamaa/world?

My vision is more pobies, more woofies, and more chocolate milk, and more huckleberry ice cream, and more pasta salad, and all of the pobies and woofies to never ever ever ever ever go extinct!



  1. World: Everyone healthy and every animal to stay alive
    Jamaa: everyone getting along no scammers or hackers no buddies quitting because of something

    1. Same here! Jamaa would be so much more peaceful, and the healthier kids are, the happier. :)

    2. If there where no hackers and scammers, aj would be even better!

  2. A perfect world cannot exist, unless every single animal and plant shares the exact same opinion.


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