Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jamaa Journal: Summer Carnival, Appondale Theater, and New Animal!

Hey Jammers! I totally spaced this update day. Thursdays blow my mind. :P Let's see if this update is even worth posting about.

The Summer Carnival has made its return! ^.^ You can access the Summer Carnival from your Parties menu, or by clicking the little banners set up around Jamaa.

Everything, the items, the layout, is the same, except for its new icon shown above, as well as a few quaint logs sitting around a burning campfire and a bounce house.

You can find these two new additions on the left side of the park.

More questions have been added to the popular trivia game Best Guessed, so be sure to play it when it rolls around! c:

Say hello to the Appondale Theater! Here you can watch Animal Jam's hit animated video clips. They're great for cheering up if you're ever feeling down. The theater is located in the Conservation Museum on the far left side.

(that person though)

May we wish the best of luck to the otters! They've begun their travels, so don't expect to see them in the Diamond Shop for a while. But don't worry, if you already have an otter, you can still play as it. :)

A secret image is hiding somewhere around Jamaa, and it reveals an animal that is soon to be released! *SPOILER ALERT*:

The new animal is a llama! Remember our good friend 1231? Was that his username? o.o He owned the first llama. At least we have a glimpse of what our llamas will look like. Oh, and you can find this llama painting in Canyons Pathway.

And lastly, another pointless Spring Bunny advertisement. :T

Here's a GIF I've made to conclude this post:

Thanks for reading! Hopefully most of you will be able to make it to tomorrow's party at 3:30 pm MT! Bye!


  1. Llamas :D

  2. At first I was a bit disappointed that the new animal was going to be a llama, but then I realized something:




    I wonder if 1231 was AJHQ trying out the llamas. They probably have to try it out, or it would be glitchy.
    `Camp2014 using anonymous


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