Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Purple Glove Story

Hello! This post is going to be similar to a post I made a couple of weeks ago. Remember how I talked about my animals and their old outfits? Today, I am going to be talking about how I received my very special purple glove.

Believe it or not, gloves were super rare back then. No one cared about spikes or headdresses; just gloves (and top hats). People went crazy for them because they were so sought after.

Well, since I was fairly new to Animal Jam, I had no clue that gloves were rare. Heck, I didn't even know what "rare" meant. Sometimes I wished it stayed that way. XD

Anyway, I was just finishing up a little painting of mine in the Art Studio when all of a sudden two wolves approached me.

One of the wolves was DarkDragonGirl12. The other wolf was Gwenandkat.

"Are you new to Animal Jam?" they asked me. I said, "Yes."

"Oh, well, we'd be glad to answer any questions you have!" they exclaimed with a smile.

Earlier that day, I was in Jamaa Township and saw a big crowd of Jammers dancing and hopping around shouting, "TRADE ME GLOVES!"

I thought to myself, I wonder what gloves are.

Now was my chance to get an answer!

So I asked them, "What are gloves?"

They explained the whole trading process to me and everything I needed to know about gloves. Dragon and Gwen were too kind!

When I was positive that Dragon and Gwen couldn't give me anymore wonderful advice or assistance, a Jam-A-Gram appeared in my mailbox. Yes, this was during the time Non-Members could still accept gifts.

I opened it, and inside it was . . .

. . .  A PURPLE GLOVE!!!


Dragon had just sent me a PURPLE GLOVE. A GLOVE! And who was I? Nothing but an innocent, oblivious, brown Non-Member wolf.

And DarkDragonGirl12 had just sent me a GLOVE, one of the rarest items in the ENTIRE GAME!

Compared to people in the present, most Jammers won't even give a crap about new players. But this single act of kindness brought us three wolves together as best friends.

To wrap up this post, I will leave you with a small inquiry:

Do you remember a time when someone was extremely nice to you?

Comment your thoughts below! Bye everybody!


  1. Once upon a time I was bored and searched for whip cream on the internet. I can across the animal jam whip and saw this blog, I suddenly liked it and asked if Naffy could buddy me, she said yes, now she is my friend.

    The End :3

  2. Non members could accept gifts back then?! Really AJHQ?!

  3. Nonmembers used to be able to send gifts? Was this in beta?

    1. Yes, this story took place in Beta. I am pretty sure Dragon was a member back then. But yes, NMs could receive gifts.

    2. I thought there wasn't any Membership in the Beta Days?

    3. Oh yeah. This was in September 2011, not Beta. My bad!

  4. These kinds of altruistic stories just make my heart melt... ;)

  5. I remember when I told someone my little sister got scammed, and she sent her a ton of stuff!-cyacheer

  6. @ Naffy and commenters with similar situations:

    It's sweet that people were so nice to you guys. Go nice and heartwarming people! :) o3o

  7. Someone sent me a worn when i got scammed :)

  8. Replies
    1. Yes, but she rarely logs on anymore. I guess it's the same with most people who played back then.

  9. I'd love it if you'd post more of these stories. They make me feel all bubbly and inspire me to try and make Jamaa a better place... :)

    Victory the snow leopard that can't stop obsessing over Team Fortress 2 and Pokemon

  10. On time this guy cagdog showed me around when i was new,and she gave meh a spike.

  11. I have been wanting rare nerd glasses, I had some before but eventually traded it. So, I met a Jammer whose name I can't remember but, one day, in Animal Jam she got scammed. I think it was a an orange collar, and so she sulked.

    I came by her and tried to cheer her up, now I was with a two other Jammers as well and she told us to come to Sarepia Forest.

    She sulked there as well, and I tried cheering her up again. I noticed that the two other Jammers left, and I was alone with the Jammer. Suddenly I got an idea, I traded one of my best items; which was a fox hat, sword, and idk.

    She accepted the trade, then something unexpected happened.................................................................................................................................................................... She traded all of my items back, and gave me a rare nerd glasses..



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