Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lack of Interest = New Posting Schedule

Hmm. How should I begin this?

Let's see now. Basically, I have lost about 75% of my interest in Animal Jam.

Reasons? It's just not fun anymore.

There's nothing left to do but to talk to buddies. Sadly, I don't have the time to chat with buddies all day long.

And don't even get me started on what there is left to post about.

I log on daily with hope that there might be a new discovery to make, but then I log off a few minutes later to go play a different game, or to do something else like play tennis or ride my bicycle.

Believe me, once you get to be my age, there will be more important things to worry about, and more fun things to do.

Animal Jam is not the same game it used to be, that's for sure.

I had a lot of ideas for the blog this summer, including another plushie comic blog, tons of awesome pages, more contests, more graphics, a movement, more of this, and more of that. But all of this is no longer possible because I am too busy with... life.

I like life and I want to live it.

Even though it's not fair sometimes, of course.

Right now, I am more interested in other things. I have a season pass to an amusement park, I am taking tennis clinics with the high school tennis coach, and I have plenty of other camps and what not to do.

Animal Jam is not one of my top priorities. It would have been in the past, but now I regret that.

Since many of you may think I am quitting or something absolutely terrible like that (sarcasm, if you will), I am not. I am simply saying that I will not be playing Animal Jam nor blogging about it as often as I have.

Speaking of blogging, it seems like the Animal Jam community is convinced that running an AJ blog means that you have to post daily.

Blogging is not posting daily. In fact, it is far from it.

I know some bloggers that only post a couple times a month. I want to be one of those laid-back, relaxed bloggers that post 2-3 times a week.

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. You can expect less posts from me now, and less gaming time, while we're at it.


  1. I totally understand... this was the purpose of my blogging break. >.< My grades were never bad to begin with, but they've been significantly improving ever since that break. This break has been the best time of my blogging experience, and I feel so much more carefree. ^.^ I'll probably come back during summer vacation, but, like you, I will likely only post a few times a week.

    I hope you have an amazing summer -- I'm too far away from any amusement parks to go to any regularly this summer, but your activities sound EPIC!! :D


    1. Thanks for understanding. I'm glad your grades are improving. My lack of interest in Animal Jam has many causes, but one particular one is that I believe if I spend too much time on Animal Jam, I will not do well in school.

  2. Also, I don't think you should ever regret a single second of blogging -- this has been an enduring, educational experience for you, that most of the kids at your school will never experience themselves. Blogging is the future of our society -- now that the Internet is becoming a larger part of our lives, skills like writing, web design, coding, blogging and graphic design are becoming more and more important. Each and every AJ blogger has had early access to the wonders of the web, and it will change your life -- an experience you will never forget.

    You inspired me to begin blogging, and I, for one, will never forget a single AJ blogger friend of mine, and especially not you or the Animal Jam Whip, for as long as I may live. The AJ community of bloggers is just so welcoming... ^.^

    You're amazing Naffy... and the blogging experience will help you later in life... you enthusiasm, writing skills and blog design talent will power a special creative talent that you have throughout your life! :)

    Best of wishes,


    1. I agree! Thanks for your support and your kind words!

    2. Who, me? Panda's 11, as I know of, and I am 13.

  3. I understand, even though I am younger than you, animal jam has nothing to do except talk to you and some other buddies. I am trying to focus my life on friends, horse-back riding, and camps, and other things. I also just relax and try to get to know myself better. (that sounds weird) But I actually enjoy going outside and being active! I respect your opinion, hope you have fun in life!


  4. I understand naffy :) I still love this blog! And your an awesome friend! ^,^

  5. :(!!! I wish you would blog more often 0.0

  6. I've sort of lost interest in AJ too, I don't play it as often as I used to. My computer keeps wanting us to update Adobe Flash Player, and that sort of prevents me from playing as much.

  7. And I totally understand if you don't post as often

  8. Well! If you say only posting 2-3 times a week it's better then nothing. If you just gon aj like a few times a week for like 30 mins I understand. See ya around at least your not quitting which is the great part just going on less:)

  9. And if you can take your time for the things in the blog everyone will understand what ever happened to the aj air?

  10. I understand, I personally am also busy (and will only get busier next year). I don't play animal jam as often anymore

  11. Animal Jam is sooo boring// Glad I quit playing it
    I go online like once every 3 weeks just to see if a friend is online then I log off lol
    Don't pressure yourself to blog daily, and just do what you want c: If some of your friends pressure you to stay, well sorry to say this but they're just being selfish//

  12. That's exactly how I feel! AJ is getting boring now. That's why I don't post on my blog much. I only go on Animal Jam to role-play and chat with friends. But Panda's right; blogging can benefit your life! X3

  13. I never post anymore on the AJ Cranberry so I support your decision.

    Note to the public:
    Like NaffyTaffy said, just because an AJ blog exists doesn't mean daily posts have to happen.
    You cant' post everyday anyway.


  14. I go on for 30 second to sometimes 20 minutes (like that happens once a week at most) if I'm trading or talking. Now I just go on stick page and play games. I understand your quitting. Remember what I told you.

    1. I know but in the games I come from cutting down time is also called quitting. Most likely because the process begins with cutting time. (Sometimes without knowing) It's rather that or that most of us spend 5+ hours playing games online so playing for even an hour is sorta the equivalent to quitting or at least a huge lost interest in the game.

  15. Story of my life, right there.


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