Monday, May 18, 2015

Posting Ideas

Do any of you have any posting ideas or ways to make this blog a bit more lively? If so, please comment them below!


  1. Do your favourite kings about jamaa

    Nafaria's animaljam favourites

    1. My favorite... kings? o.o

      I don't believe there are any kings in Jamaa, other than Zios.

    2. She meant things XD

  2. I think the blog is fine as it is, but if you want more posting ideas, do like a top ten best or worst thing about Jamaa. Like, for example, top five of your favourite games in Jamaa, or top ten most overly-hyped rares.

  3. You could do a pet if the month :) (I got that idea from the Sky Blog)

  4. What about comparisons? Like animal jam to webkinz, or spikes to necklaces?-cyacheer


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