Wednesday, August 17, 2016

purplestarclub's AJ Tag + graciepopstar91's AJ Tag + penguin55544's AJ Tag

Hi Jammers! c: How are you doing today?

In this post I will be answering some questions included in three different tags created by three different lovely people: purplestarclub, graciepopstar91 and penguin55544! Yahoo! :D

Let's get right to it, shall we?

1. Hmm, you know what? I'm not really sure! xD
2. I have QTAngel, and she is an AJ YouTuber with over 15,000 subscribers, I believe. But that's not why we're friends, of course. ;)
3. I love it when I get to just simply hang out with them. It makes me feel warm and toasty inside like a slice of french toast with butter and powdered sugar and maple syrup drizzled all over it. Hehe!
4. I don't remember these kinds of things. Bad Naffy, bad Naffy! >.<
5. I love all of my buddies (and viewers of the Whip) equally, but I do have some certain people that I feel most connected with. We all do, I assume.
6. I know a few, but only a handful of them are still active.

Now for the next tag!

1. I love the deeries (yes, deeries), tigers, wolves, snow leopards, rhinos, and polar bears.
2. Gloves. Definitely gloves.
3. Sadly, I have been scammed before. My advice to you all is to always use the trading system. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it's true!
4. Hmm... that's a toughie. I'd have to say Mt. Shiveer, or any place that is quiet, really. I also love Jamaa Township because of how it changes during the seasons. Ahh, it's so beautiful!! <3
5. Click here!

And the final tag...

1. Gembreaker, Overflow, Falling Phantoms, Best Dressed... I enjoy playing a lot of the AJ mini games. XD
2. Gloves!
3. Hmm... probably Greely.
4. Sometime during late August of 2011.
5. A friend showed it to me.
6. Eh, not really, but that's quite a controversial topic we're talking about here.

It was a lot of fun answering these tags! Be sure to answer these tags in the comment section down below if you feel like it, too. Bye!


  1. I've done the first two on a different blog, but here are my answers to the third one (eye love tags XD)
    1.Pest control
    2.Party hats
    3. I don't really have a favourite... Either Greely or Sir Gilbert
    4. I joined right at the end of 2012, in like November.
    5. In a Nat Geo kids magazine. I still have it XD
    6. Not really. I prefered the idea of monthly member gifts. LITERALLY EVERY ANIMAL, DEN AND PET IS IN THE DIAMOND SHOP NOW :L


  2. purplestarclub:
    1. Um, not sure
    2. Nope (I can only buddy people I know in real life)
    3. Going online and hanging out with me without disappearing and playing with someone else.
    4. magicana ('Ana' is NOT her real name)
    5. magicana
    6. All my buddies

    1. Arctic Wolf (even though I don't have one)
    2. Bow and Arrow (non member)
    3. Yes, my advice is (even if it is not helpful) that if you get scammed, you got to remember that: It's your fault (sorry if I sound harsh here); try not to make that mistake again; and don't cry over pixels, it's just a game.
    4. Um, not really a 'land', but I like my den (lots of peace and quiet)
    5. Hmmmm....... I don't know

    1. Maybe 'Splash and Dash' or 'Jamaa Derby'
    2. Bow and Arrow (non member)
    3. Don't know
    4. Last year around March-April
    5. A friend
    6. No. Almost everything there is for members, can't find anything 'special' for non members.


  3. Tag #1
    1.I think There username is hollow
    2.Umm, my old AJ has misterchunkybuddy, and i believe Naffy is very popular so... I suppose
    3.Chatting, but not in the toasty syrup drizzled way
    4.I don't really know
    5.No, but i stalk.. I mean talk to some way more then others
    6. Just 1, but tbh, i don't like that person
    Tag #2
    1.Llamas, Arctic wolves :3
    2.That i own: Founders That i want: Black and green headdress, but not for rarity.. Although that is a plus i guess
    3.I have been scammed twice this year, one out of a nature archway, and the other out of a. Phantom rug, and DO NOT RELY ON OTHER JAMMERS FOR INFORMATION thats my tip
    4. Hmm, Appondale
    5. Chamber of knowledge
    Tag #3
    1. Falling phantoms
    2.Owned: founders wanted: black and green headdress
    3.Cosmo( He is an old happy fat guy, duh)
    4. December 2011, i think i was in 2nd grade.. Holy
    5. Well my mom only allowed me on national geographic, and an ad popped up for Aj so i clicked it
    6. No, it ruined monthly member gifts, and takes over EVERY SINGLE new animal in jamaa

  4. Deer are my favorite animal in real life <3

  5. This is cool!

  6. this inspired me to make my own AJ tag

    you should do mine lol

    1. 1. no
      2. no
      3. no
      4. no
      5. no
      6. no

    2. I HAVE A BETTER TAG. (no offence but screw kazoos)
      1. What is your favourite brand of wall paint
      2. How often do you go to B&Q
      3. Do you prefer desks or shelves
      4. What is your floor made of
      5. Do you hire people, inslave your parents or do it yourself
      6. What is your favourite species of chair.

      I give my tag 11/10



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