Saturday, August 20, 2016

Animal Jam Partyware to Come Soon!

GREAT NEWS, Jammers! Earlier this week, Gemma International signed an agreement with Rockpool Licensing to launch a line of Animal Jam partyware! That includes cards, wrapping paper, and more!

Since the new Animal Jam toys really took off when they were released earlier this summer, retailers are already asking to place orders.

That does it - if you've ever wanted an Animal Jam-themed birthday party, you're in luck! And you could also consider baking an Animal Jam-themed cake to top it all off, too. :P Here are some ideas from a post I did about a month ago:

Animal Jam cake:

animal jam cake - Cake by majalaska:

Image result for pics of animal jam cakes:

Gorgeous cakes, aren't they? Eating them would be an insult to their prettiness! But not to my taste buds, of course, haha.

Thanks for reading!


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