Monday, August 22, 2016

Animal Engravings

Hi! ^.^ It's the final day of summer vacation 2016 for me... :(

As I was exploring Jamaa I noticed that some of the doors and walls on buildings and structures have animal pictures carved into them.

Here are a few I took screenshots of:

Can you find any more carvings on things in Jamaa?

Meanwhile, this is a common glitch that is happening to a lot of people with the new trading-pet system, not allowing Jammers to customize their pets:

I hope this gets patched soon! >.<



  1. I know right (talking about the pet glitch here)? I got some promo pets today (by trade), and it is so annoying! Luckily, even with this glitch, I got the look I wanted for my new pets.


  2. There's a carving of a llama in the Coral Canyons Pathway, but that was released to hint at the llama's debut in AJ.

  3. My final day of summer is tomorrow.... :(

  4. My brother had school for a week now ):) mwuahahahahaha. Isn't there a snake on the door in the second picture?

  5. I kinda had a glitch like the last one, it was an orange monkey plushie. I was doing it while trading. It had a member symbol and a nonmember symbol above it. It was rare and diamond shop (X3). It was also ocean and had an x thing? And it looked like it had an egg in the background. But it also showed the orange monkey plushie infront of the weird oval egg thing. GO CHECK OT OUT ON MY BLOG WAAAAAAAAAAAH


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