Sunday, August 7, 2016

Animal Jam Music Tag

Hey Jammers! I'm back from my trip for a bit, and then I leave ONE MORE TIME for Yellowstone for several days. I know, I know, the sudden travels are overwhelming. >.< But soon we'll be back on regular posting schedule - I promise!

For now, I am going to be answering the questions including in cookycupcake's music tag! Feel free to answer these questions in the comment section below, or post this on your blog.

1. I've been to a few ''concerts'', but I don't exactly remember my first one. :P
2. I like a lot of musical genres, but it mostly just depends on the song. I'm not a huge fan of country, blues, jazz, rock and roll, nor heavy metal.
3. I really like My Blood by Ellie Goulding.
4. I don't have a favorite album, sadly.
5. I love Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Coldplay, OneRepublic, U2, etc.
6. I play the piano!

Thank you Cooky for making this tag! It was so fun to answer the questions. ^.^



  1. 1. My first concert was when I was 3 and I went to go see the Wiggles. I climber all over the seats so I could get tot he stage.
    2. I honestly really like pop.
    3. Right now I am obsessed with Warriors by Imagine Dragons.
    4. Just any album by Imagine Dragons I guess.
    5. My favorite artist is Katie Perry, and my favorite band is either Fallout Boy, or Imagine Dragons.
    6. I play my voice! :D

  2. I really like rock and roll. Heavy metal is just a bit.. too much for me, I guess.

  3. I'll listen to 99% of new country music, and about 30% of pop music and about 2% of dubstep. I also like the songs from Hamilton *gets trampled by Hamilton trash fangirls*

    Here's a story about how I found out my love for Country music.
    We were in California in holiday in 2014 and my parents slapped on a country radio station. I was getting annoyed and thought it was all screamy cowboy trash, but them discovered it was basically pop music+guitars+cows with a story line.
    I strongly remember 'Drunk On A Plane' by Dierks Bentley. At first I thought it was utter trash, but it kinda...ya know, grew on me? By the end of the holiday, I was honestly obsessed with country music. That Christmas, my parents got me tickets to Countey2Country, a country music concert at the O2. I was highly hyped, because 3 of my favourite artists, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt were there. I got my sacred cowboy hat :')
    In 2015, when we were in the Boston/MA area of the US, there was actually a Brad Paisley concert on. Those concerts are the only 2 I've ever been to. It's funny to think that I never expected to go to them! At the current time, my favourite songs can be narrowed down to "Chicken Fried", by Zac Brown Band, "People Back Home"(my definite all time favourite) by FGL, and "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw

    As for pop music, I'd have to say I like OneRepublic and Adele.
    Well, that was quite a long ramble o.o



  5. No problem! I liked making it ^.^

  6. 1. None XD
    2. idk
    3. Not song, SONGS, OWL CITY!
    4. idk
    5. Ocean Eyes or All things bright and beautiful or Maybe I'm dreaming or Mobile Orchestra can't pick XD
    6. OWL CITY And Josh Wilson

    7. Piano :D

  7. I love alternative bands such as The Neighbourhood & Twenty One Pilots.

  8. 1. Tbh I don't remember my first concert XD
    2. Rock, pop, rap and more
    3. In The End by Black Veil Brides
    4. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out- Panic! At The Disco
    5. Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy
    6. The cello

  9. 1. Haven't been to one yet
    2. To be honest, I'm not very sure
    3. Um........... not sure (I don't listen to much music)
    4 and 5. Not sure again
    6. Piano


  10. 1. Fall Out Boy and Paramore
    2. Rock, alternative, pop, dubstep
    3. Franklin by Paramore
    4. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance
    5. My chemical romance
    6. Piano and Bass guitar

  11. 1. Oct 1, 2015
    2. Pop, and rap
    3. Anything Shawn Mendes related, We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez
    4. Handwritten, Shawn Mendes EP, and Illuminate (coming out Sept. 23)
    5. Shawn Mendes and 5 Seconds of Summer
    6. Piano, learning guitar when I finish (I'm in Grade 10 piano right now, so if I pass, I can learn guitar :D)
    ~ xRadii


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