Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ja983's Animal Tag

Hi Jammers! Ugh, I'm so sorry for yet ANOTHER late post. >.< My life has been so busy lately and it's not affecting me in a healthy way.

Today I'm going to be answering yet another tag. Tags are fun and all, but it seems like tags have gotten kind of repetitive on this particular blog. Once again, huge apologies for the lack of high-quality content I hope you all expect. :c I promise tomorrow's post will be better.

But since I've got to go really soon, a tag is perfect because it's short and sweet. There's nothing wrong with tags. :)

This one is all about animals, and it was created by ja983. Let's get started!

1. What is your favorite Animal?
2. What is your favorite ocean animal?
3. If you could have ANY animal what would it be?
4. Which do you like better, Cats, or Dogs?
5. In your option what is the ugliest animal
6. In your option what is the CUTEST animal?

1. Ooh... I'd have to go with a polar bear.
2. I think manatees are pretty cool, but I have this huge phobia of the ocean (large bodies of water in general), so I tend to not think about ocean life all that much.
3. A polar bear! <3 Or a wolf pup. There's so many animals I want, LOL.
4. Dogs. I'm allergic to cats anyways.
5. Grasshoppers are freaky. I hate how they look, how they jump out at you... I'm grossed out by just thinking about it!
6. There's WAY too many cute animals to count!

Don't hesitate to tag your friends, answer this tag in the comments... you know the routine. :p



  1. School just started and your that stressed? Dang..........

  2. 1. I love cheetahs, tigers, wolves, pretty much ANY big dog or cat!
    2. I'd have to say a seal, since I think they count, right?
    3. Hmmm, perhaps a cheetah cub?
    4. Both are equal in my world!!
    5. SQUIDS! Squids are SO ugly and scary, in my opinion!! I mean, they look like goopy aliens!!
    6. Like Naffy, I can't choose, they are too many cuties to choose from!

  3. 1. Ocelots and snow leopards
    2. Sea otters!
    3. An ocelot. A snow leopard might try and eat my dogs o.o
    4. Both x.x YA CANT EXPECT ME TO PICK!
    5. Moths are gross
    6. Call me crazy, but baby pigs are my favourite. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

  4. 1. Moose!!!!!
    2. Hmm, clownfish
    3. A monkey <3
    4. Idk, i like cats better because they are not as needy as dogs, but i like dogs better because they keep you company
    5. Umm eww, i think the blob fish is the ugliest
    6. Umm....... I think the slow loris is cute, but umm others might think otherwise

  5. MANATEES!!! Need!!!! TO BE ON AJ!!

  6. Thank you for doing this Naf!
    and everyone who answered!
    King Tough Bunny

  7. 1. Cats or crows :^) I love all animals though!! Except for cockroaches. I hate those guys.
    2. Dolphins
    3. Anything but a farm animal or an animal who's natural habitat is being destroyed. Life's tough for those fellas :(
    4. Cats!! I also quite like dogs.
    5. Cockroaches
    6. Cats :)


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