Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BEAUTIFUL Rose Masterpiece + Funny Peck Edit

Yo Yo Yo!

Take a look at this epic masterpiece of three beautiful pink roses surrounded by bright green leaves! I love this!! :D It's so realistic! Good job xXAuroraSkyXx!

Also, I made this funny edit...

Whenever I look at this item I always think Peck is handing out those little ketchup packets, so I decided to make this edit. xD

Who knows! Maybe Peck could be handing out tubes of jalepeno pepper flavored toothpaste. o.0

Ooh - I've got an idea! Why not leave a comment saying what you think Peck is handing out? That ought to be fun. :p



  1. Wow, the flowers are amazing!
    And Peck, Um.................. She looks like she is handing out rubbers lol

    BTW Naffy, How come I can't view your any more? did you shut it down? Because I really liked that blog :(


    1. I had some certain complications. But don't worry, it will all be sorted out soon. :)

  2. Miniature Golden Bells? XD Uh, that's a really bad guess. Cool Masterpiece but, I don't really care for roses. Yellow Roses would be better.

  3. Rock flavored chocolate? Idk......

  4. That flower is so pretty! And nice edit XD

  5. Peck is holding...

    Our souls!
    O.o don't ask pls


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