Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: Solidblue02

Hi Jammers! :) Ahh, it's good to be back. How are you all doing?

Today we're going to be spotlighting one of the most infamous and ruthless hackers in the history of Jamaa: Solidblue02. 

Now, you may ask yourself, why give a spotlight to a hacker? Well, I find it just as important to learn about big hackers and scammers of the past as it is previous famous Jammers or other people who committed good deeds.

With that being said, let's hop right into the post!

Back in 2012-2013, Solidblue02 was well-known for hacking and scamming many innocent Jammers.


And that's about it, really. He was like the fman122 of the old, old times. Almost everyone was afraid of him - and those who weren't afraid of him were his colleagues.

In early January of 2013, he went a huge hacking/scamming craze and lots of people lost their precious items. He often lurked in popular places like famous Jammers' dens and trading servers like Aldan, and when he saw someone with a filthy huge load of rares, he would hack them and/or scam them.

Because he kept getting banned often by AJHQ, he created several different accounts to use to increase the efficiency of his hacking/scamming tactics. One of those accounts was dens.

Solidblue went kind of silent for a couple of years, but then he returned as D3N5. We haven't heard much else from him since.

Who knows? He could still be lurking around Jamaa, watching from the shadows, waiting to pounce on his next victim. o.o Spooky.

Well, that's a wrap. Keep on whippin'!

(P.S I haven't used this signature in YEARS! I'm so glad I found it deep and buried between some outdated posts. :3)


  1. Thats scary -.- But, i am glad your back Naffy taffy! •Misterfrizzy•

  2. Btw, icy blue is back on the color pad :D -mIster-

  3. O.O I once saw Abracadabra something something (if you watched Bepper's video, the truth about fman122) account O.O he was a new jammer panda and I lost my rare mech angel wings, he has a new thing now, he trades you the old table for the item lots of times, then he somehow takes it, and your item is gone and you don't even have the table! o.o Also he can go into locked dens, which is why I'm scared of new jammer pandas. O.o


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