Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to Change an Item to Magenta *PATCHED?*

*I'm pretty sure this glitch has been patched, but if not please let me know ASAP or confirm that it has indeed been fixed!*

Hey there! c:

Lately there's been a lot of talk over this new glitch that occurred yesterday with several items. These items were not normal, obviously, but they were all one solid color; and that color was magenta.

If you're wondering how these Jammers obtained these glitched items (other than by trading... at least I think you can trade them?), I'm here to show you! Unfortunately AJHQ patched part of the glitch so that you can no longer purchase these magenta items, but I still think this method is pretty cool to try out.

First, go to a shop and click on an item that has no color palette. Epic Wonders is one example of a great shop to look for these kinds of items.

Now change the category to either price or alphabetical order. Either one works.

Once you've done that, search through the catalog and find an item that is highlighted - for example, this cosmic necklace shown in the picture below.

First make sure the highlighted item has a color palette, then go ahead and click on any color from the palette. It doesn't matter which color you choose. After that switch the category again.

Now go back to the item you originally chose (for me it was the golden samurai helmet), click on it, and then click on the little magnifying glass on the top left to zoom in.

Voila! Your magenta item has been created! Try clicking on ''BUY'' and this little message pops up:

Kind of disappointing, but it's for the best, I suppose.

Happy jamming!


  1. Okay Naf, how in the world did you figure this out? xD

    1. Research and Spirits Jamaa's video. :)

    2. Told the instructions to my sis, and she tried it, Patched. ):l


  3. Magenta lassos aren't glitched. It's just a colour of the lasso.

  4. Sadly its patched. You can't even try do it :( I wish I was around before you could make an item magenta! Magenta is the glitch color lel

  5. I wish you could actually buy the items. Then I could get magnet fury(nickname for magenta furry) magnet elf tail and magnet everything. Magenta/raspberry is my favourite colour;I wish they released more items in the colour rather then it mostly being glitched stuff.


  6. Btw Naf sent you Email, lol
    *King Tough Bunny Ja983

  7. I believe I have found a new way, This is not confirmed, and I will not tell anyone if I confirm this because the moment someone finds out about it they usually blurt it out to a public forum or make a video, which makes it easy for animal jam to patch.

    - raevanl

  8. Umm i tried this and none of the items were highlighted so i wasn't able to do this. Can you help me?

    1. Sorry, but the glitch has been patched. That means you can't do it anymore. :(

  9. Any way to get the magenta items now?


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