Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 179: Giraffes for All Jammers!

Hey guys! Today's an update day! ^.^ Let's see what this update has in store for us.

Giraffes are now for all Jammers! Yay! :D This was quite unexpected.

Head feathers are back!?  Wait, I thought head feathers were removed out of cultural respect, just like the headdresses... They also have two feathers now? Huh. Okay then. Does that mean we're gonna get headdresses with twice as many feathers in the next few weeks? O.o

The Honeybee Day festivities are returning, as well as the pet honeybees! Buzz, buzz... :3

The Battle for the Beacon adventure is back, but take a look at THIS...


I was only half expecting this. I never really liked the idea of trading pets, but I know a lot of Jammers who've been begging for it for years.

Does that mean certain pets will have certain rarities, just like items? I am blown away by this if you can't already tell. O_O

Another new animal!? Oh my goodness, new animals are almost as common as blades of grass nowadays.

Arctic foxes are gone, but rhinos will soon be returning!

There is now another adventure base located in Sarepia Forest.

And lastly just a toy advertisement.

What do you think of this update? There was certainly a lot to cover.



  1. Page 1:YAY
    Page 2:DOUBLE YAY
    Page 3:yay?
    Page 4:ok
    99% of the pets in AJ are wild animals such as tigers, pandas and hippos. In real life, people take wild animals from their homes and sell them. They are often kept in cruel and cramped cages, unloved and treated like garbage. Animal Jam is literally promoting the pet trade-LITERALLY. It's LITERALLY called TRADE YOUR PETS. Pets which are WILD ANIMALS. Is animal jam promoting animal ABUSE? WHAT THE HECK AJHQ *Sharpens sword*

    That aside...
    6. Ostrich. AJHQ, give me a chicks or ocelot next please.
    7. Ok
    8. Ok
    9. Mine is different because I'm British and says they can be found in Smyths, Tesco(wait, shouldn't it be ASDA since ASDA is Walmart? But yay I can get AJ toys when food shopping), Argos and The Entertainer(my haven).

    I mostly care about pet trading because it proves AJHQ is brainless. Jk, jk. But seriously, what the heck.


    1. Om how dare my phone autocorrect chickens to chicks...

      And I'm having second thoughts about the animal now. The picture looks like Madagascar

    2. looooooool if you really cared about animal abuse you wouldn't eat/buy animal products. everyone shoul watch earthlings tbh

      but "bacon is so good" am i right?

    3. I don't exactly understand the point you are trying to make there...

  2. Whats the new animal?! -sarahkey8

  3. I think the wood carving is an upside down version of Madgascar. Soo.. The new animal might be a lemur?

  4. *gasps* I'm gonna faint *faints*

    FINALLY! AJHQ HAS PAID ATTENTION TO NON MEMBERS FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!! Sorry for shouting/screaming in your ear/ears.
    I am SO coming back to AJ for a day or too (I wonder if that means that NM can get Member pets too)


  5. Interesting. I thought they would make foxes nonmember, but ok.
    Umm, well i cant wait for headdresses i guess
    Yay, i loaf them bees
    Umm ok, yay?
    This all started with those darn monkeys who were gone for a year and a half
    Cool adventure

  6. about the headfeathers: most "cultural appropriation" is utter crap (ex: white people can't wear dreadlocks) however when the item is a symbol/is something important you shouldn't use it outside of its original context if that made any sense at all. but!! ajhq said that they did it out of respect for "cultural sensitivity" which means they chose not to use the culture as a whole rather than just certain things from. sounds a whole lot like gross sjws if you ask me. now this is what bugs me about this. ajhq basically said that they wouldn't sell native american items in animal jam anymore bc people got offended, NOT because headdresses have symbolic meaning and using it as a fashion statement is pretty disrespectful. so, by their logic, head feathers wouldn't be okay either. but it seems like they've changed their ethics to make money by selling head feathers for 3 diamonds in the diamond shop. they could defend themselves by saying that they realised head feathers aren't really symbolic or anything but knowing ajhq they just wanted to make money.
    tldr: ajhq used to think selling certain items from native american culture is wrong bc it's not their culture (aka tumblr bullcrap) but suddenly decided it was okay without explaining why (and they might be right if the following wasn't their motive) because money

  7. I needa buy these head feathers like nowwwww. I also needa buy the Aj toys cause I can now get them at toys r us. Only if it was Walmart cause we go there quite often, toys r us not so muchXD



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