Monday, August 8, 2016

Disney Alice in Wonderland Alice and Cheshire Cat Outfits + Animal Jam Tag by Princessbg

Hey Jammers! ^.^

I've added two new outfits to the costume corner! I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. :) I may even add the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter in the future too!

Created by nafaria9

Princess Gown
Elf Bracelets
Head Flower

Cheshire Cat
Created by nafaria9


Meanwhile, my friend Princessbg made her very own Animal Jam tag, and she tagged me! Let's get straight into answering the questions included with the tag. c:

1. Currently, I have 124 buddies on AJ. ^-^
2. My deer's look.
3. ... Unfortunately, yes. And that is a very long story that I'd rather not tell.
4. An HP desktop.
5. I love all AJ bloggers!
6. A few.
7. I don't really care for rares all that much. I prefer how it looks on my animals more than just the rarity of the item itself.
8. I would rather get hacked.
9. The meanest Jammer? I've met quite a few mean Jammers during my time that I've played - they're everywhere, you see.
10. The play timer, I suppose.

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments! Goodbye for now!


  1. 1.about 160 total, or about 30 close friends
    2.I have 2, my snow leopard, Daredevil Spiritcat, one of my arctic wolves, Explorer StrongFriend. I also use my silver party hat snow leopard quite a lot.
    3.Yes. Back in 2015 I had an AJ buddy who blackmailed me a lot. If I didn't give them the stuff they wanted, they would yell in jamaa township that I scammed them. When they tried to take my party hat, it finally ended. I had sleepless nights because of that kid.
    4.I'm commenting on my phone, but my computer is a windows HP laptop that's neon pink.
    5.Everyone :P just not Aparri :|
    6.quite a lot
    7.I care about them quite a bit simply due to how long it took to get them (basically too long XD)
    8.i'd rather get hacked
    9.The jammer I mentioned above. I call them the Moth Master.
    10. Non members being able to send gifts.


  2. Nice costumes :)

    1. Um, I don't know, some of them are spare accounts, and I don't go online that much, but definitely under 30.
    2. My wolf
    3. No, but I have seen drama (on the other game I play), and it is so bad, and can last for ages over little things, such as a club member leaving there club. Luckily, I'm not a member, so I can have no say in it.
    4. HP Laptop (not sure what model)
    5. Naffy, the posts are always interesting (not meaning to make any other bloggers envy or start a war or anything)
    6. I don't count my rares, but I think I have 20 or something like that (not bragging)
    7. Nope. Even though I have been playing for around a year, I still have no idea why people fight over pixels.
    8. Quit AJ, because sadly, I already have. But my account is still there, and I go on every now and then to see how things are going on.
    9. Hmm..... there are lots of mean jammers, but I can't remember.
    10. I don't know, maybe typing in jam-a-grams for everyone.

    Also Naffy, are you going to a post next time about comparing other games? You don't need to do that suggestion if you don't want to, but thanks if you do :)


    1. Sure! I love getting post suggestions. ^.^ But what do you mean by ''other games''? Like Chicken Smoothie vs. Animal Jam, Transformice vs. Webkinz, etc.?

    2. Yeah, like that, but of course, it has to be kids games (you know what I mean, right? not 18+).

      I would love to see if AJ really is the 'top game' for other people who play other games, you know, like a 'pro, con' kind of thing.

      Sorry if I confused you and anyone else.


  3. 1. 73 last time I checked
    2. My fox, Gorgeous Fieryfox, and my hyena, Daredevil Sillyhyena
    3. I've been involved in so much drama I can't even count it on both hands
    4. Intel Inside Core i5
    5. u mai fam
    6. eh
    7. It really depends on how it looks and the story behind how I got it
    8. Well if I lost all the items I've been building up for 5 years I'd probably quit out of crippling depression so
    9. This one girl named Melybuggy. I low key want her to die
    10. GOOD. UPDATES.


  4. I love those outfits !! I miss the play timer as well.

  5. Naffy and Cuddly please read this

  6. Lol THANKS, LOVE the cheshire cat!
    I don't mean from the cheshire cat btw...

  7. 1. 40 something idk
    2. A bunny with a (humancolorlike) color, idk how to describe it. With a rare hood, and a blue clover blanket. Well that's my nm one my MEMBER one is A fox completely light blue and full ice armor. But I'm not member WAHHHHH
    3. No
    4. Falcon? I switch around a lot
    5. Graciepopstar91 orrrr DXplorergirl orrrr Snowyclaw
    6. This computer AJ doesn't work! 15 or more?
    7. Depends which rares. Medium
    8. Hacked of all my items (IT DOESN"T SAY ANIMALS HAHAHA) Because its easy to get items back but if you quit AJ... NVM I WOULD QUIT AJ. (FOR A WEEK XD)
    9.Idk. 1. I don't pay attention to bullying Jammers or scammers usernames. 2. Really don't wanna gossip
    10. Erm, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IDK

  8. Oh! I want to do this!

    1. Erm... Um... 36? I'm not really sure XD
    2. My purple fox: Major Spiritmoon. They've been with me for three years, and fun fact: They could be a girl or a boy, (Androgynous)
    3. Not that I remember... me and my sister used to scam sometimes in 2013, but almost everybody used to scam back in those days... Not that I'm excusing my behavior!!
    4. It's an extremely old Asus that works just fine :)
    5. Probably Naffy, because she's engaging and interesting XD ArcticStar is right behind her though!
    6. A lot.
    7. Not that much :| I'm saving up to commission an artist right now though, so maybe a little more than usual.
    8. Yup. Both. By my best friend IRL as well.
    9. Hm.. I'm not going to answer that one, sorry. I don't want to put their username here.
    10. Monthly Member Gifts! They made me feel so special!


  9. 1. My buddy list is full >.<
    2. My llama
    3. Yes, its personal
    4. I dont use computers, but i do use my phone and tablet
    5. I only know 3, meloetta385, naffy, and snowyclaw(All my favorite)
    6. Idk, i have at least 100 betas, but not many rare clothes
    7. I care enough to waste my time trying to get them, but i would rather talk to buddies and stuffs like thats
    8.Get hacked
    9.Myself (I beat myself down sometimes :I )
    10.Trading by demand.. Jk... I miss the timer kind of

  10. Hi, it's leora320 here, the person who sent you the fox fan art and entered your summer fashion show (long time ago. I was enchanted spirit ghost.) I can't play animal jam anymore because of language reasons I will not mention. But that doesn't mean I don't remember things from animal jam!

    1. I frogot, and can not check unfortunely.

    2. My main look was my bunny.

    3. Yep. I got scammed AND hacked by a person I met in real life. (Is that considered drama?)

    4. Mac computer.

    5. Nafaria9 forever!

    6. I had 2 spikes, but to be nice I gifted one to a jammer who did wan't one.

    7. A little, but if I have more than one spike of headdress I give it to a jammer that wants one.

    8. Quit animal jam. (Oh wait, I already have.)

    9. Hypathia, she scammed me and hacked me.

    10. Hmmmmm.....

    Oh, and I have a little gift for you. Since I quit animal jam my account can be your account and you are free to steal any of the junk I have in my inventory. The password is teaspoon24.



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