Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Crystal Pegasus Armor Set

Hey Jammers!

Recently, a bunch of new promo items were discovered. The set as a whole is called the Crystal Pegasus Armor.

The head part of the set is the Crystal Pegasus horn, and it comes in four different colors. In fact, they all come in blue, white, pink, and black.

Like most armor sets, the back item is a pair of wings, and this one is no different.

The foot item is a pair of Crystal Pegasus gauntlets.

And the final item is a Crystal Pegasus tail.

According to AJ Wiki, you can obtain these items through a code from a new AJ toy called the Gem Squad. However, some users are skeptical about this and are doubting whether or not the set is actually a promo, because promo gifts don't typically come in multiple color variants. Whatever the case, the good news is that the set is entirely for all Jammers.

What are your speculations? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Bye!


  1. I got those toys at Walmart thry are big figures sold in blind bags like the adopt a pet. On one of them they messed up and gave me to codes. Both of them have me the unicorn horn but both in different colors, I have the screenshot but I can not send it to you. I wonder why ajhq has not said anything. From the gem squad toys I got some of these promos, I automatically fell in love with these promos.

  2. I want one.... (stares at greedily) "Gimme one....."

  3. So cool!

    But uggghh did you hear that the clydesdales dance is dabbing??!!-talonflame80841

    1. Ajhq:we need ideas

      we need to get down with the cool kids

      Dabbing still cool right???

      ajhq:idk sounds lit

      No but actually why. WHY DID U DO THIS AJ


  4. I KNOW I SAW THAT talonflame80841! i cracked up. lol i rlly think these promos are pretty cool! :)

  5. I want those items, just because they look AMAZING
    But, liek, in my country the only AJ Merch we have is the first series of Adopt a pets, and I'm too unrare to trade for these promos.

    I want AJHQ to make something like the Australia Spike (NM Mystical Spieks) but for a few chosen countrys who don't usually be able to get all the new AJ merch.



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