Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to Annoy People in Animal Jam

If you're feeling like a total jerk today, this might be the post for you.

Want to take your anger out on something other than your parents? Continue reading.

If you're just overall bored out of your mind, then this post is DEFINITELY for you!

Here is a list I've compiled of many different ways to annoy people on Animal Jam. Enjoy!

1. Fart. More specifically, fart on people.

Fun fact: the person who said ''GROSS'' went on to tell me they read my blog, so... kudos to you if you're reading this right now, Artistic Spikypaw.

2. Go to a store. When someone is about to trade for the item they want, quickly trade the owner of the store instead for that same item. If they accept, then consider yourself annoying. A job well done!

3. Stand on someone's player tag or avatar while they're trying to advertise something. This doesn't work as well as it did in the past, but it can be pretty funny at times.

4. Go to one of those medieval Host-Your-Own-Party things and sit down on one of the two thrones saying you're either queen or king, regardless if anyone else is already sitting down. You'll likely cause a ruckus depending on how many people are there. For some reason, EVERYONE wants to be on those thrones, and it's hilarious to watch each other fight over them.

5. Say you're quitting Animal Jam. Be sure to make it very dramatic.

6. In the Forgotten Desert, as soon as another player is about to pick up a gem, quickly pick it up before they do. Sometimes they won't care, but in most cases I've been in, they get mad.

7. Copy a random stranger in Jamaa. Copy their looks, copy what they say, copy what they do, etc.

9.  Spam someone's Jammer Wall or JAG mailbox as much as you possibly can. Once you've reached the limit, you could even spam the same person with storage accounts, if you'd like.

10. Troll-trade people.

11. Follow your buddies EVERYWHERE THEY GO.

12. Go up to someone and say, ''can i plz have spike'' over and over and over again until they leave.

13. Join a multiplayer adventure and leave the moment it starts.

Did you notice I stopped at 13?

Image result for conspiracy

Did you also notice I copied and pasted an image result for the keyword ''conspiracy'' from Google Images?

ok bye


  1. aaaaaanybody else think this post is just SLIGHTLY passive-aggressive??

    1. passive-aggressive remarks and sarcastic remarks are literally the same thing. i used to tell my friends to stop being so passive aggressive every time they made a sarcastic remark, they dont invite me over anymore because they said im socially inept or something.

    2. oh my gosh people take a joke for once

  2. *sees this post*
    *reads it*
    1. XD
    2. People do that to me alot, its annoyinnggg XDD
    3. *nods super fast*
    4. That is just the best tbh.. XDD
    5. "I'm quitting AJ... because my dog died... He was my best friend.. :(" That dramatic??
    6. :)
    8. Ya missed 8
    9. Become a bold banana today!
    10. Yay
    12. U git a spike dis way
    13. Oh dear XD

    For the contest.. you should do a photo contest! Sense you haven't done one this year!

    1. there is a conspiracy because the number eight is missing
      (I legitimately did forget to put an eight in there, oops)

  3. number 7 actually bothers me because about three edgy little children so far have stolen my various fandom cosplays and been completely clueless.

    this post was made at exactly 12am...

    *loud sirens*

    Ps an art/masterpiece contest would be really cool... idk why I commented this. I think I subconsciously saw Sarah's contest suggestion and yeah

    I'm so tired

    -kraft the Meme Queen
    *insert seventeen emojis*

  4. Hi naffy
    I just made a google account, so I'm logging in as that. Those are very funny. Gotta try the farting one

  5. haha, I'll do one of these when I'm just in a really bad mood. I'll do it on a backup to avoid drama :o I'll probs only do one anyway, because I HATE when people do these to me.

  6. I agree with Sarah and Kraft! A photo contest would be great fun and an art/masterpiece one would be awesome too!!

  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    3 (stand on player's nametag) is sooooooo annoying. I'm like, trade me plz unwanted on!, or, unwanted but good stuff on trade, be fair plzz and then someone would come over and stand on my nametag. Then I move to an empty area (and those are hard to find in a nicely filled Jamaa Township) and try again. Well, someone else just walks around and blocks me from view.
    hehehehehehe most of these are SO ANNOYIONG
    hehehehe yes i meant annoyiong
    - whiteseal187 AJ

  8. I am a overall very annoying person, So these are DEFENITLY what I do!!!

    And SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why Naffy made a post at midnight.

    1. Most of my posts are scheduled to publish at exactly midnight so viewers from around the world get the chance to read them.

  9. HahaXD NAFFY. You should do conspiracy theories of AJ post... or just a post about conspiracy theories that would be very cool

  10. av' you ever heard of toenail town? ITS SUPER GOOD AND SUPER EXCITING :O It does have a few swear words though DX It has a sequal, hair dryer distrect! :D You should check it out!!!

  11. I may or may not have tried some of these methods of annoying people... Actually I've tried a lot of them... ahahahaha
    Also here's another method of annoying people: If you have a flying animal, make it sit on other player's faces. It's very annoying :D

  12. Lol this is hilarious. Yeah, ppl steal gems out from under me all the time lmao


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