Saturday, January 20, 2018

Has Animal Jam Hit Rock Bottom?

Hey Jammers! Naffy here.

Today's topic is a rather serious one, but I suppose it depends on how you take in the information, so... it's up to you.

As you know, yesterday was an update day. I'm going to give my honest opinion here - it wasn't great. Most of it was mediocre. I guess the whole ''Adventures For Everybody'' thing is good, but who knows how long that will last.

What really makes me hate this update is the new animal; or, more specifically, the animal's dance action.


Did that horse just...


Image result for nostalgia critic gif jaw drop

Animal Jam, you've hit a new low.

If you don't know what ''dabbing'' is, it's ''a style of hip hop dance that involves dropping one’s head with one arm raised and resting the face inside the elbow of the other arm, which essentially resembles the gesture of a polite attempt at muffling a loud sneeze'', according to Know Your Meme.

It went mainstream after football players in Atlanta started doing it in the summer of 2015, and the dab has been a very popular trend since then.

Dabbing isn't necessarily a bad thing (unless you make it a bad thing... don't smoke, kids), it's just... it ticks me off. It doesn't make you cool, it makes the people around you CRINGE. It's stupid.

Now, about a year and half after the trend SHOULD have died, Animal Jam gives us a new animal that actually performs the dab.

AJHQ is trying to be ''cool'', per say - and that is the main reason why I believe this game has officially hit rock bottom.

The addition of the words ''swaggy'' and ''kawaii'' to the pool of names you can choose for your animal is one example. Another is this triple inner tube item that is clearly very similar to a fidget spinner shape-wise.

And, of course, we cannot forget the dabbing horse.

That's all for today. Let me know what your opinions are on the new animal. Yay or nay?

Bye Jammers!


  1. It’s cool and it looks more like older animals they have created it. BUT WHY DABBING WHY??

  2. I honestly hate the new horses so much. Yuck, they dab!!!!


    Hehe my new post will be about this awful horse. CX

  3. I personally like the horses, But I'm freaked out by the dance, And the plays a bit, Questionable... But other then that there perfectly fine with me. I hope Animal Jam wont get ruined by Youtube and all the stupid 21st century trends. :(

  4. I dont know why this came to my head, but Naffy, your username sounds liek Dr. Nefario from Despicable Me....

    Don't mind me

    1. Haha, you’re right! I think it’s because both “Nafaria” and “Nefario” were derived from the word “nefarious”, meaning evil. ;)

  5. Personally, I'm okay with the dabbing (I guess). It IS outdated, but we all know that AJHQ has been trying to appeal to the "cool kids" forever. What really bothers me is the play action. I don't get what a rocket ship or UFO has to do with a horse. And it just looks very awkward and unrealistic (Yes, I know that AJ isn't supposed to be that realistic, but you get what I mean). Overall, I think the new animal is well designed compared to some earlier animals, but is kind of odd. (For example, some items look weird on its huge feet) But what I LOVED about this update was the adventures for all jammers part! I think it was a very generous notion on AJHQ's part, and makes up for the (kind of) cringy new animal. :D

    1. The play action kind of bothers me as well, but I am glad the update wasn’t entirely bad because of the adventure thing. :)

  6. *dab police sirens*
    I like the horses in general but the dab is so unnecessary omg


  7. Naaaay
    I don't really like the horses. They look weird and they DAB
    I mean, what has happened to AJ?
    Sometimes I wonder what's going on in the minds of the people working in AJHQ...

    To the person who suggested to make the Clydesdale Horses come to Jamaa and suggested the dab:
    oof srry

    -Whiteseal187 AJ

  8. I just thought of somethin

    Why didn't they make the horses do Whip Nae Nae??

    I give up xd

    1. Because AJHQ ignores bloggers and goes out of their way to ignore them. Their original plan was to do that but then somebody mentioned this blog on the Daily Explorer and AJHQ was like "OMG GIVE BLOGGERS ATTENTION? NOOO WAYY!!!!"
      thats the story mi friend :)

  9. Nope. The horses, like their appearance, is fine and all, but seriously? DABBING. Other than that, the adventure thing is great. I haven't had time to do any though...

  10. Wow................ I have no idea what one earth has happened in AJ recently, I feel like some ancient being from the past......................

    Anyways, WHAT DID THEY JUST DO?!?!? I love horses, as in, extremely crazy, and I also love Clydesdales. They way they portray the Clydesdale in game (Especially the dab, ewwww!) is horrible.

    If AJ keeps this up, this will end up being Club Penguin #2. This has made another reason why I should all the more stay away from the game (No hate, I'm just annoyed a bit). AJ is already a 'cool' game, they don't need to add trends to make it better, because that will make it worse.

    Sorry if I didn't make sense, and for the rant. I'm pretty sure AJHQ will reach the bottom someday, even closer than we've thought.


  11. I honestly don't get why everyone hates the dab
    I don't care for it, it's just a weird dance move.
    Can someone tell me why everyone hates it please Cuz I'm just confused :P
    *Husky Ninja

    1. It's just... annoying, to say the least. To me, when people dab, it shows a lack of intelligence lol

    2. To me, it’s super annoying because a lot of super cringey people do it and think it’s hilarious while it’s really not. The dance has become a meme and I really don’t like memes cuz they all don’t make sense and kinda show how someone’s personality is. :P

  12. The horse is too big! and the dab was in like a year ago. AJ u are not cool! lol soon i hope they don't start doing the whip! no offence naffy! :p


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