Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018

Hey Jammers!

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(yes, I stole this from the Internet because I couldn't find a better picture of the classic blue''Happy New Year'' banner)


Goodbye 2017, and hello, 2018!

2017 was quite the year. For some, it may have been the best year of their lives. For others, it might be a different story.

Here's a list of 20 both good and bad things/trends that happened in the USA, worldwide, and of course, the Internet, that I can significantly remember:

1. Many terrorist attacks/mass shootings around the globe
2. Trump's inauguration
3. Natural disasters (including Hurricane Harvey and Irma)
4. Movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, It, Coco, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Justice League, The Lego Batman Movie, and Logan
5. The Emoji Movie (probably one of the worst things to happen this entire DECADE if you ask me)
6. The Patriots coming back to win the Super Bowl
7. The Astros defeating the Dodgers in the World Series
8. Unicorn frappucinos
9. Slime
10. Fidget spinners
11. dEsPaCiTo
12. Darci Lynne winning AGT
13. The total solar eclipse
15. Net neutrality
16. The Pauls
17. Stranger Things
18. Bottle flipping
19. The Snapchat Hot Dog
20. 1,000 Degree Knife Challenge

Since this is an Animal Jam blog, we can't leave Animal Jam itself out, and all of the things that happened within the community this year...

1. Julian2 quitting
2. Wolffeycat officially quitting
3. Vidcon 2017, with Gellyjones and Sethyy joining the team of Jambassadors
4. More Animal Jam products
5. Alistairz drama
6. Animal Jam desktop app
7. New animals including the snowflake arctic wolf
8. Members-Only Daily Spin
9. Vidcon Games (Team Mira vs. Team Zios)
10. Lovewithsongz drama
11. Duplication of items/''dupers'' getting banned

Yeah... I have to admit that 2017 definitely did have its lows, but it also had some pretty awesome highs.

I mean, one positive thing to occur in my life this year is the fact that I reached 1,000,000 views on this blog! Yippee!

But what matters to me even more is my friends. Specifically you guys. My viewers. Y'all are the reason I continue to blog. I'll have to say that Animal Jam gets a little boring at times now that I'm older, but thanks to you, I still post every so often.

With that being said...

Peace out, 2017!

Hello, 2018!


  1. NAF, YOU FORGOT DABBING. *Face palms* XD Yes true the Paul’s when I read that I was laughing my head off in my mind. Cause it’s sooooooo true though.

    1. I thought dabbing was more of a 2016 trend, but I guess it's still carried on throughout 2017 too. :P

    2. Oh maybe. I thought it was 2017 XD

  2. I totally agree with your opinion of the Emoji Movie. :P

  3. YESSSSSS you described 2017 perfectly. Loved this post!

  4. Wait ANIMALJAMMER330 QUIT?! (Wolffeycat)

    or did i miss somefin

  5. Happy New Year everyone!! To a better year!! -Toast- (With toast as in bread :P)


  6. Despacito and fidget spinners are some of the worst things that happened this year lmao. Here are some notable things that happened this year in Poland, where I live :')
    - Leader of the ruling party reads book about cats during important Parliament meeting.
    - THE CONSTITUTION OF BUSINESS HAS BEEN VERIFIED AND IS COMING INTO EFFECT IN MARCH! The only good thing the ruling party has done -.-
    - Prime Minister replaced with the ex minister of finance. Sigh. He's a communist lmao
    - Banning trade on Sundays has been verified -.- Ugh. So much for economic growth.
    - The constitution and the separation of powers rule has been violated by politicizing the courts. Why.
    - 2 people burned themselves to death as protest against this government.
    Yeah. A kinda meh year in terms of politics. But for me personally it's been a year of great progress. Although I've suffered a lot too, but I have made SO MUCH progress with my passions. Well done me :D
    -CleverQueen again.

  7. I have a question too. I was wondering, about how often do you check on this blog, and AJ?

    1. I check my comment queue a couple times a day, and I usually go on Animal Jam once or twice a day, depending on the circumstances.

  8. Just wondering, is the Trump thing good or bad?

  9. Frankly, I never really liked wolffeycat. She always smacked her lips in such a disgusting way in every video and it rendered them unwatchable for me. I know this seem ssmall but it really triggered my misophonia. I recall in one video she apologized for the annoying noises, but never made an effort to stop them.


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