Friday, January 12, 2018

Window Bench Den Tip + Cool Masterpiece

Hey Jammers! The other day I was exploring some dens when I came across pugfluff's lovely winter home. In it, she had this adorable window bench that I thought would be fun to share with you guys, so enjoy!

Window Bench

What You Need:
Window (any will do)
Cafe Tables (any rectangular table will work)
Other Decorations

Place the mats/pillows on top of the cafe tables near a wall, but not too close to the wall that your animal can't sit on them. Then stick the window on the wall, and voila! Your comfy creation is complete!

 One more thing before I go - take a look at this super cool masterpiece by pounda!

It's a remake of the Ouija Board, which is a game where you can ''contact spirits.'' I like how Pounda incorporated Mira and a phantom into the board. I found that little aspect very neat.

That's all for today. Happy jamming!


  1. That window seat idea is adorable!!

    1. But uh... Ouija Boards are... uh, not good. DX

    2. People use them to try to communicate with spirits. Since I’m Christian, it is quite bad for me. It’s just... weird. To me, AJ shouldn’t have approved it.

    3. I don't know what you have against because Ouija Boards, I know I love me some Ouija Boards. Last Mardi Gras my friends and I all headed over to the local cemetery dressed in our voodoo priest garb with a Ouija Board and some white stuff, had a fabulous conversations with our deceased great grandparents. Honestly I'm very offended by your mean comments about Ouija Boards, by sacrificing part of your soul you can mend your longing to see your missed loved ones again, or maybe it was all that "powered sugar". Either way, please think before writing these mean comments. Ouija Boards are a symbol of nothing but love.

    4. No. Its a demonic board. Speaking to demons.

    5. Okay guys - regardless your personal opinions about Ouija Boards, can we at least all agree that the talent in the masterpiece is phenomenal?

    6. That wasn't your great grandparent! That was a demon pretending to be him!
      Please don't use Ouijia Boards!
      I'll be preying for you!
      *Husky Ninja

    7. Sure, that artist is talented. I guess. But honestly, Ouija Boards are terrible things. You can not speak to your dead loved ones, only in Heaven. A silly board won't let you. And you don't speak to your loved ones. You try to speak to demons. That's... just gross.

      I'm sorry I offended you. I didn't try to offend you, I am just stating my opinion on these demonic boards.

    8. The artist is an AMAZING artist, but its still sad that they wasted their beautiful talent on that board.

    9. Guys, please understand that people have different opinions about things. You're saying things like "they wasted their talent on this" when the creator obviously isn't religious, otherwise they wouldn't have created it. Please be mindful that though you may find it offensive, and that's fine, you shouldn't try to ruin it for the people who aren't.

      Personally I think that the board is an excellent work of art and nothing more. If people have talent, it shouldn't matter what they draw, as it is up to them. A while ago I sae a comment on Deviantart where someone complained about this persons amazing shipping artwork, saying that the ship is horrible and that the artist is wasting their talent. But it isn't up to the people who dont like it, the artist draws what THEY want to. If someone walked up to a famous artist of the past and said
      "hey dude this is horrible ur wasting ur talent!!!" Would they stop? No. It's called artistic freedom.

      As someone who is a passive atheist, this really bothers me. Please can we all just get along?

      -I'm not using my username because I don't want everyone to hate me for trying to avoid conflict. You can probably all guess who I am anyway.

  2. I liked the den tip, it looks really cool ^~^ And woooahh that masterpiece is AWESOME.

  3. Cool den tip, and that’s a cool masterpiece you found!

  4. Awesomeeee Den tip! And the masterpiece is idk what to say... because I’m a Hindu and I don’t really know about them, And I don’t wanna offend anyone, so if it’s bad for your religion, I completely understand you not liking it, I don’t really have a reaction to that, I’m just a lil suprised that AJHQ approved that, Because we all know about AJHQ being real safeeee XD XD
    Have a nice day!
    Adios! Keep Jamming!


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