Monday, January 15, 2018


Hey Jammers! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip!

Today, we are going to be talking about RIMs. RIM is an acronym for Rare Item Monday.

Rare Item Monday has been an ongoing tradition since 2012, where every Monday either a remake of an item or an entirely new item is put into stores for 24 hours. Most of the time, these items are exclusive to members and cost a rather large chunk of gems.

Sadly, the quality of these items isn't always up to par, so I'm going to show images of some RIMs that I find particularly... well, ugly. Enjoy!

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Monkey-Hat
(Rare Monkey Hat)

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Cone-Collar
(Rare Cone Collar)

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Fancy-Shoes
(Rare Fancy Shoes)

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Woven-Hat
(Rare Woven Hat)

(Rare Doctor's Bag)

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Cowboy-Boots
(Rare Cowboy Boots)

RIM 11-23 Pilgrim Hat
(Rare Pilgrim Hat)

RIM 4-11-PottedFlower
(Rare Potted Flower Hat)

Rare hat with dreadlocks
(Rare Hat with Dreadlocks)

Rim Sandles
(Rare Sandals)

Rare egyptian hat
(Rare Egyptian Hat)

Rare-Item-Monday Rare-Clover-Top-Hat
(Rare Clover Top Hat)

Rare Jolly Elf Hat
(Rare Jolly Elf Hat)

There are definitely plenty others, but these are just a select few.

Thanks for reading! Bye!


  1. as someone whos hair looks just like it, im deeply offended by you calling the rare hat with dreadlocks ugly >: (

    1. your hair is beautiful :) gingy over here is just a horrible person

    2. I find it understandable but then again, other variants of the dreadlocks exist... this person is only calling the RIM ones ugly.

  2. Yup. These are totally, definitely, ugly. (I had the rare fancy shoes before though.)

  3. Every day, a RIM is abused for being ugly.
    But with your help, we can end RIM abuse. Please call 1234 5678 to donate all your money to AJHQ, who with the right encouragement, actually CAN make decent items.
    Thank you.



  4. I always thought the RIM Egyptian hat was kinda pretty, same with the woven one XD The outfit for the cone collar though..

  5. I could buy the Rim monkey hat but... I was a non member, and i took the description in the daily explorer too literal, so i tried to climb trees in animal jam.
    RIP my chance to be rare.


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