Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yes, It IS Possible to Get Black Jamaaliday Socks

You heard it loud and clear, Jammers. Yes, it is indeed possible to receive black Jamaaliday socks by logging into Animal Jam today, 12/10/17, ONLY.

Today's daily gift is a pair of Jamaaliday socks, but there's something unusual about it - you can receive black Jamaaliday socks.

Prior to this event, black versions of this popular item were a result of a glitch that occurred when AJHQ was returning lost items to Jammers, making them extremely rare and sought after.

Then THIS happened, and boy, did it spark a lot of controversy!

As you can see, this image (taken from the Daily Explorer's latest post) has a pair of black socks on it. This caused a lot of Jammers to wonder whether or not receiving black socks from the daily gift was possible. And it is! Check this out:

See? The developers themselves have confirmed the statement that black socks can be acquired through today's daily Jamaaliday gift to be true.

I have yet to hear of someone actually receiving a pair of black socks though, so if you or someone you know gets one, be sure to leave a comment!

If you want to try and get some black socks for your own, simply log into an account that hasn't accepted today's gift yet, and keep refreshing until you get the right color of sock. This trick works for any gift that has multiple color variants, too - not just the socks.

Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone!


  1. I tried. A lot. I have a lot of storage accounts (a LOT), and I tried every single one. I already knew about the reload thing, and I kept reloading... but no black socks... :( Too bad it's not December 10th anymore.
    LOL I don't care actually

  2. *Sobs*
    Black socks are my ULTIMATE dream item. I would do ANYTHING to get them....
    And I missed my chance by a few hours.
    Maybe I can trade for a pair while they're still just uncommon???


  3. No one actually received black socks because there isn't any proof of anyone getting them legitimately. The black socks in the game are all hacked in; I know because I was directly involved with it, and I was responsible for discovering the method to get the black socks in. People claim that they got black socks legitimately, but that's because they're lying, and/or they don't want to admit the fact that they hacked or were involved with the hacking.

    AJHQ needs to stop acting oblivious and do something about the unreleased variants because they're causing a huge problem in the game. They've known about it for over a year, but rather than fixing the game's faulty code, all AJHQ is doing is hoping that hackers won't exploit it. AJHQ can just make unreleased variants obtainable, or they can just delete them entirely from the game's code.

    1. Yeah, they did, but truthfully, I don't think it was intentional. They probably didn't mean to lie, but we should also consider the fact that it would look bad for them if they admitted that the black socks were hacked in. The support team would also gain a bad reputation if they just ignored all the questions about black socks. In the perspective of the people who run AJ's Instagram account, who know practically nothing about the inner workings of the game, it would just be easier to admit that they can be obtained normally since it's kinda hard to disprove that if you're a normal jammer.


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