Monday, December 4, 2017

Fall Fashion Show 2017 RESULTS!

Hi Jammers! Wow, what a contest this has been! Sure, not as many people entered this time around, but it was still fun nonetheless. Huge round of applause (or should I say, appawse, ahaha) to everyone who participated!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

In second place, we have Rosy Gentlegem! Great job, Rosy! You were eliminated yesterday, but you had a fantastic run!

Our first place winner is Fauna Goldenrose! Congratulations!

Leave your usernames in the comments so I can get your prizes to y'all.

That's the whip!


  1. :ooooo I WON? OMG! GG EVERYONE! User is awesomecutesmiles! Thanks so much Naffy!

  2. I was Rosy Gentle Gem XDCongrats Fauna! :D I was really surprised I made it that far

  3. Now when's the winter fashion show? :D

    1. I agree. I missed the fall one, and I hope to do the winter one!
      Btw did anyone else get all of the member stuff that comes with it but no renewed membership?

    2. I did! The Jamaa Journal says that all members get the winter bundle, apparently. I was surprised too, but oh well! More animals to make outfits on, and another den to decorate!

    3. based on how late this one was, probably in the spring

  4. Hi, I'm making a bloggg c: it's called the Animal Jam orchird it's not much yet though but I hope it will be soon c:


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