Saturday, December 16, 2017

Annual Q&A 2017

Image result for animal jam jamaalidays graphicHey Jammers! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip. If you've been a reader of this blog for the past couple of years, you might remember that I do a special Q&A around the end of the year as a way to cap things off, and this year will be no different.

Your questions don't have to be specifically directed towards me or the Whip. You can ask me anything you want, as long as it's not inappropriate. I want to keep this post rated G/PG out of respect for the younger viewers.

You can leave your questions down in the comment section down below, e-mail them to me (, or ask me on Animal Jam.

Thanks for another wonderful year on AJ, everybody! The Q&A post will be up on New Year's Day. :)


  1. Yay! I LOVE THESE! Ok let's see... I got 3 questions.
    Have you watched any version of ducktales?
    Who is your favorite disney duck?
    And have you ever played the game Petz?-talonflame80841

  2. Ok I have two.

    1. Do you watch Steven Universe? If not, you should it's really cool!

    2. What is your favorite animal irl? Mine is a panda!


  3. Sent some questions through email <3

  4. What's the day you joined Animal Jam?
    What's your second-favorite color?
    What is the best Christmas present you think you're gonna get?
    What is the Christmas present you want the most?
    What's your favorite Adopt-A-Pet series?
    How many AJ toys do you have?
    What's your favorite dog?
    Do you think AJ will do something new and special for 2018? If so, what?

    That's all of my questions, Naffy!

  5. What do you think AJHQ will do for 2018?
    What's your dream Christmas present?
    Will you read my blog when I make one? It's gonna be for my stories. :D

    That's all my questions, Naffy! By the way, it's bahh. :)

  6. Here are a few:
    - Is the deer shown your main animal?
    - Do you play Transformice? (You should if you don't :D)
    - Favorite pet on AJ?
    Thanks! - mysticnarwhal2

    1. I play Transformice! What's your username there? add me as a friend, I'm Daisy134.

  7. I have some:

    -What's the first thing you'd do if pigs could fly?
    -Have you ever been to Europe?
    -Would horses be your first pick as a favourite animal?
    -Do you ever get frustrated when you have to convert between US and Metric Units?
    -Have you ever had a sunny Christmas (Or rainy? Whenever I have Christmas, of all the days in December, it usually rains)?
    -Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings?

    That's all I've got for now, thanks!


  8. Have you tried the mystery oreos?
    Have you been to Lambert's cafe?(They have some around me)

  9. Did you watch Cars 3?
    Are you gonna watch The Last Jedi?
    Where's the 'jam' in Animal Jam?

  10. What inspired you to make an Animal Jam blog?
    Do you agree that the newest adventure the forgotten city is incredibly hard
    Whats your favorite color?
    Do you agree everyone should have some animal jam on their toast and a chicken smoothie :)
    When did you join AJ?
    Whats your favorite color?
    How many siblings do you have?

  11. 1. lemon or lime

    2. is minnesota a real state in your opinion or just a lake

    3. do you consider the kazoo an instrument

    4. is overwatch a real sport

    5. is the squid an animal or a plant

    6. is a wolf a dog

    7. will you do an animal jam whip movie night soon

    8. do your hands get sticky every 5 minutes like mine

    9. theres a book caled astrology for dummies, is there such a thing as astrology not for dummies though?

    10. If I started a bus and drove it across America and Canada all the way up to arctic circle, picking up people who don't know what direction to go with in their life, would you get on it?


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