Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Phantoms' Next Attack CONSPIRACY THEORY

Hi Jammers! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip!

My friend Loveminecraft and I were doing an adventure (Storming the Fortress) together the other day when we noticed something very shocking and compelling.

As you all know, Club Geoz was invaded and destroyed by the phantoms a couple of months ago in October, with some help from the mysterious Lines of Power.

Well, in Storming the Fortress, there is an area where the phantoms are being divided into groups and sent off into one of three different portals to Jamaa. One of these portals leads to Club Geoz.

Keep in mind that this adventure was released in the springtime earlier this year, and Club Geoz didn't fall until the fall (heh, see what I did there?).


Where do the other two portals lead to, you might ask?

None other than the Basement of Secrets and Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

Does this mean the phantoms are going to attack these two precious locations as well!? I sincerely hope not, but we can't be sure.

Thanks for reading. Happy jamming!



    I don't mind the other places, But Captain Melville's Juice Hut.... THAT IS JUST HORRIFYING TO THINK ABOUT!

    1. I know! That's one of my favorite places in Jamaa!

  2. They better not take away the juice hut and replace it. Or else, I really be really annoyed.

    1. If they do, I think I might strap myself to a railroad.

  3. NOOOOO! PLS AJHQ HAVE MERCY! Like I guess I don't mind the Basement of Secrets, (curse you I spent hours trying to find you) but the juice hut? NO! I want my cool smoothie shop aesthetic. But then I don't want "Captain Melville's Juice Hut has been destroyed by the Lines of Power!" *two weeks later* "Introducing the new MEMBERS ONLY Tropical DIAMOND shop! It sells COOL CLOTHES, such as (Insert rainbow colored-beta ripoff), (insert some tropical spiked item), and (insert another spiked item)! The shop also sells SWAG DEN ITEMS, such as (insert list of brightly-colored tropical/beach/pool related den items)! We hope you love this new shop!" NO. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT. (I'm also pretty sure nobody else wants it?) GO BE PRODUCTIVE AND MAKE QUALITY ITEMS. (Hah, just joking. We all know that they're gonna make more spikes, right?) Well, if they do decide to tear down the juice hut, we can just hope that they don't replace it with a spike shop... Right?

    1. swag swag
      need it need it
      spikes spikes
      need it need it
      spikes n swag
      swag n spikes

    2. ikr
      we need more spikes amirite
      also more swag

  4. Nooooooo......

  5. It wasn't the phantoms it was the "lines of power." But what I think is the phantoms being there influenced the lines of power... or the phantoms invaded Club Geoz and the alphas took it away to keep Jamaa safe but so no one was scared they provided a coverup story.


  6. That's crazy. It never occurred to me that the adventure correlated to Club Geoz's demise. I find it very clever that AJHQ foreshadowed this.

  7. I get that people were upset were upset about Club Geoz getting replaced with the Alpha Shrine, but I honestly liked it. I just feel like we should have a positive outlook on this, and frankly I like the alpha armor sets, even if they're similar to older armor sets. I also noticed some people sayong that the alphas were jusy being selfish since they replaced Club Geoz with the shrine, and they don't really help you on advantures, but I don't think the Jamaa Journal ever said that the alphas were the ones who built the shrine. It could have just been someone who thought that we needed to honer them more. Also, the reason the alphas don't do much on adventures is because if they did, then WE would be the ones not doing much, and there wouldn't really be a challenge to advantures. Thank you for putting up with my ranting. I just wanted to get that out of my system lol.



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