Thursday, December 21, 2017

Adventure Pet Peeves

Hi Jammers! Nafaria here!

Today, I'm going to be listing off some pet peeves of mine that bug me as I play Adventures. If you've ever done an Adventure before (which I'm sure you all have), you have probably experienced at least one of these things.

But before we get onto the list, take a look at these two funny pictures:

Sorry, vegans.

Now onto the list...

- When people immediately leave the Adventure after joining.
- When people are on ''BRB'' for the entire time. Really, if you think you're going to be absent from the computer for a while, you should probably just log off and find a new Adventure group when you're done with whatever you're doing.
- When people hide in or behind obstacles, so it seems like they're helping but they're actually not.
- When you and at least one other person are trying to do one of those twisty-turny puzzles at the same time.
- Lag.
- When the game freezes and logs you out when you're in the middle of the Adventure.
- When the chest screen doesn't pop-up.
- When the chest glitches and won't let you either open it or accept the prize.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays! I mean Jamaalidays!

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  1. A thousand times yes to lag, doing the puzzle when a friend is trying to do it too, and when people quit right away. It always lags for me. DX

  2. Ugh, I really DO hate the first 4 because they happen to me A LOT. It's okay if i'm playing an adventure with Sweets, because we know not to do these pet peeves, but If I'm with a new friend, these happen a lot.

  3. And also, I found out that I have old footage of doing a jammer opinions video, and I was wondering if I could post it. Could I have permission, since Jammer Opinions was in your blog? I'd give you credit :D

  4. I hate glitchy and laggy adventures

  5. Queen Artistic Lady, sweetie, darling, dearie, THAT IS NOT PROPER GRAMMAR, YOUNG LADY! (I'm sorry, I'm the grammar police lol.)



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