Thursday, December 7, 2017

Masterpiece Token Jamaaliday Gift: Good or Bad?

Hi Jammers! Naffy here.

Something very interested happened recently. Something that hasn't occurred before in Animal Jam. And I am sure if you logged on yesterday, you would know.

For a few years now, occasionally there will be a couple of days during the Jamaaliday Advent Calendar event where, along with a gift, you receive one free diamond.

Well, yesterday, instead of a gift and a free diamond, you had the opportunity to get one free masterpiece token. A masterpiece token basically allows you to create a masterpiece, free of charge, for members AND non-members. It can also be put in your den, but it doesn't do much. It just hovers above the ground and spins around in the air.

Originally, I thought this was a great thing, because non-members finally have a chance to make a masterpiece, but then one of my friends sent me a JAG saying they were rather upset because they had paid for the Animal Jam Sketchbook that includes a promo code which gives you a masterpiece token. These tokens were first released through this product, anyway.

Personally, I think it's fine that AJHQ decided to give us a free masterpiece token. It's not like it's going to degrade the value of the item completely. Besides, not everyone might log in on the days they're handing them out. (Pssst... if you missed yesterday's token, log in next week to get one!)

The only thing I sort of dislike about the masterpiece token is that if your masterpiece doesn't get approved, you don't get your token refunded. Instead, AJHQ sends two diamonds to your account.

That's all for today. Let me know what your opinions are.

Thanks for reading. That's the whip!


  1. I'll make sure to collect a ton of masterpiece tokens. :D

  2. I am pretty mad because, the Masterpiece coin was worth a lot! and i am a nm and i like how you can make a masterpiece but..... not with a masterpiece coin.... i am pretty disappointed in Animal Jam. :( I don't understand why they couldn't make a "Masterpiece coin" but with a different design and it wouldn't be as bad.... but ok i wont keep on going, :P Thanks for reading my thoughts.

  3. Yeah, Naffy, I agree. I think it's great that non-members get a chance to make masterpiece tokens, and it doesn't really degrade the value of the promo ones. However, I didn't know it wouldn't give you your token back! Nonmembers had better be careful about what they paint :O

  4. Yeah I agree,

    Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat?! It doesn't refund?! What are nms going to do with those 2 diamonds?!

  5. I think this is pretty cool! I've been wanting to be able to put my masterpieces in my den for a while, and now I can! :)


  6. They seem very good for nonmembers. I feel like every Christmas nonmembers get limited to the masterpiece creations. Why can’t masterpieces be for everyone though?


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