Sunday, December 24, 2017

Animal Jam Box Winter 2017 Unboxing/Review

Hey everybody! Happy Christmas Eve! What are your plans for the holidays?

A few nights ago, my Winter 2017 AJ Box arrived in the mail, so today I will be unboxing and reviewing it. :)

This is what the outside of the box looks like. Last year, there was an arctic wolf face on the top; this year, it has a polar bear face. Cute!

This is what the box looks like when you first open it. I'm already excited!

This box is noticeably a bit larger than the previous boxes. Interesting.

First up is this adorable arctic fox plushie! It's really small yet super cute.

Next is this awesome wooden arctic wolf wall art. That was a slight tongue twister right there.

Unfortunately, this item got damaged during the trip to my mailbox, despite being protected by a layer of bubble wrap.

This is what the promo code card looks like. The code rewards a lovely lit scarf.

How neat!

The next item is a pair of fuzzy socks! They were too tiny for my feet, so I decided to give them to my sister. However, they were very soft and I enjoy them a lot, even if I can't actually wear them.

Ooh! A color changing mug!?

Apparently, depending on how hot or cold your beverage is, the sky on the mug will change color. I'll have to try this out ASAP!

What's an AJ Box without a charm? This time around, it's an arctic fox to fit the winter theme.

The last item is a set of string lights.

While they are very cool and light up well, this item was also damaged. Several of the plastic bulbs were dented and broken. :(

While this box was fantastic, I am disappointed with the fact that not one but TWO of the products were not in the best condition. Hopefully I will be able to contact AJHQ and we can sort out the issue.

Thanks for reading. Happy jamming!


  1. honestly my only complaint is how badly they messed up the neck of the arctic wolf print, in game its usually more, idk how to describe it, spikey?

  2. Wow, that sucks that 2 of your items were damaged. My goodness AJ.

  3. Thats terrible how they were damaged DX But the box is self is pretty cool!

  4. Wow. Is it weird to say that your hands are beautiful


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